Use Your Illusions 1

Right Next Door To Hell

One of the weaker but catchier songs on this album. This song was a real early one for the Guns but didn’t get recorded on their first two albums. Decent song, high energy

Dust N Bones

One of my favorite GNR songs. This song is sung but one of those most under-rated guitar players/song writers Izzy Stradlin. This is one of the more old school rock and roll songs GNR does, however its one of the best.

Live n Let Die

A cover of the Paul McCartney and Wings song that appeared on the 007 movie. Great cover with a blasting chorus. Guns n Roses may or may not have done it better than the original, but they sure brought their trademark high energy rock n roll vibe to the track. If a fan of the original check it out, if not, take it or leave it.

Don’t Cry

This song is one of the most played Guns N Roses songs on the radio today. A sweet ballad written by Axl and Izzy, the band had performed this throughout their early days and elected not to add it to Appetite because they felt that Sweet Child O Mine filled the gap for a ‘power ballad’ type song. Great tune, if you can get an older demo version, those are fun too.

Perfect Crime

This album out of the two Illusions albums is referred to as the rock and roll one. This song makes it true. Perfect Crime is a perfect GNR tune with high energy, grime, sleaze n dirt.

You Ain’t The First

Another Izzy penned tune, this melancholy number is pretty humorous and old school southern type rock n roll. An over looked tune, has some nice harmony and guitar progression.

Bad Obsession

This is a pretty jazzy bluesy hard rock tune featuring Teddy Zig Zag on harmonica during live shows. This is a pretty groovy tune, a solid mainstay during the bands live set

Back of Bitch

Yet another song the Gunners had in there early days. Its an alright tune, you can tell why they left it off of Appetite.

Double Talkin Jive

A great tune on the song with hard rock and Spanish music elements. Axl uses his deep voice that was trademark before he developed the high pitched yell. I’m not talking jive when I say this is a classic song that all should hear.

November Rain

This long ballad is one still played on the radio tody. Axl had been working on this tune way back, even original Guns N Roses guitar player Tracii Guns recalls Axl fiddiling around with the melody back in the early-mid 80’s. great song, full of power and emotion, through the drums, guitar and fantastic vocals

The Garden

This son features Alice Cooper as guest vocalist. A demo version of this song with just Axl singing exists but even that has the Alice Cooper feel, it is almost like the verse was written just for him. Good plodding song, has a real hard rock edge.

Garden of Eden

One of the few songs Guns N Roses never played live. This song is a fast punk driven song. One of the most underrated Guns N Roses tunes, this is a perfect fit in their repertoire. If you haven’t heard it, check it out.

Don’t Damn Me

Great song, yet another never played live. This song is Axl’s cry to the critics, just as relevant no as it was then. Hard rock tune with great vocals, one of the most under-rated classics. Use Your Illusions 1 and 2 have a lot of those.

Bad Apples

Dead Horse

A Rolling Stones type song. It starts with a nice acoustic bit n heads in to some hard rock. Not a bad tune, but not a breakthrough single. Nice filler for the next song.


November Rain, Estranged, those are well known 8 plus minute songs. The last of this trilogy, Coma, is hardly known at all. Clocking in at ten minutes and fifteen seconds, this is one of the Guns longer epics. What makes this one different however is that it is not a slow or sad song. This is a hard rocking epic, from start to finish it takes you out of your seat and throws you in a heavy, frantic rock n roll epic. Not many know this song, but everyone should.


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