Rules for claiming fries at the bottom of the bag: The “Baggler” Rules

You know when you go through the drive-thru window of a fast food restaurant, bring your order home, take your food out of the bag and there are a few fries left at the bottom? Well if you were with multiple people who each got fries you can’t know out of whose carton those fries fell, so those fries are up for grabs, this is where the baggler rule comes into play. I don’t remember exactly when I was introduced to the fast food “baggler” rule, I just know that now whenever I go with my family through the drive-thru it is a race to claim the delicious fries that are at the bottom of the bag. Originally there were three rules, however over time my family and I have run into snags where the original three rules as written were not sufficient and added some or made amendments. Below are the rules you should follow when trying to claim the fries at the bottom of the bag as yours!

Number 1. The first person to shout “bagglers” gets rights to the fries at the bottom of the bag.

My family and I ran into the issue of when precisely may you call bagglers and we agreed on the following.

Amendment- “Bagglers” may be called the moment when someone in your group places their hand on the bag containing the food.

Number 2. In order to be eligible to call “bagglers” you must have ordered fries, size of fries does not matter, small, medium, or large will work.

Number 3. If someone’s carton of fries was placed in the bag improperly resulting in a majority of their fries spilling, thus becoming bagglers, it is unfair for them and the baggler rule becomes void and the fries are distributed to the owner of the spilled fries.

The above were the original rules, along with their amendments. Below are new rules that my family and I added to clarify and expand on calling bagglers.

Number 4. Only a bag that potentially contains the fries can be used to call bagglers. The Drinks do not count as the signal to start calling bagglers, nor do bags containing salads.

Rule number four was added because some members of my family were calling bagglers when someone touched the drinks and not when we actually got our food as it should be. The word potentially is used because we can’t know which bag has the fries in them until we look. Drinks will never hold fries nor will salad bags.

Number 5. Any sides that come in a fry like container, chicken fries, onion rings, fried cucumbers…, are subject to the baggler rule once they are fall out of the container.

The implementation of these rules may require some asserting. My Family and I have gotten into numerous arguments regarding these rules and the proposed amendments. I take food matters very seriously and have fiercely debated to prove my point in defending these rules. Don’t be afraid to tell your food-mates that these are the rules and they must abide by them if they want to claim the fries and other sides at the bottom of the bag.

If you run into a situation that is not covered by the above rules then make a new one that is fair and understandable!



  1. You shouldn’t have to put up with rule three, this wouldn’t happen to you at my window 🙂

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