Use Your Illusions 2

Civil War

The only tune on either Use Your Illusions albums to credit original drummer Steven Adler. Supposedly, the recording of this song was so difficult for him, it solidified the band decision to fire him. Great epic anti-war song

14 Years

An Izzy tune this matches his signature laid back style. Not many know, but this song is thinly veiled an in actuality is about Izzy’s relationship with childhood friend Axl Rose. An interesting listen with that in mind.


I have never liked this song. The voice is ok, the music alright, but definitely on you can skip

Knockin On Heavens Door

Yet another cover to match Use Your Illusions 1. this time of Bob Dylan’s classic. This is another good cover as Guns N Roses has exceptional skill at making covers their own. What was a short simple song, Axl and gang turned into a long rock n roll epic

Get In The Ring

A cool punk song written by Slash and Duff, it was transformed into a rant against the media by Axl. A solid ‘fuck you’ song.

Shotgun Blues

A good match to Get In The Ring. This is another heavy punkier ‘fuck you’ song, though not blatantly directed to anyone as its predecessor was.

Pretty Tied Up

A Duff tune, this a classic. Starts off with a sitar like intro courtesy of Izzy Stradlin. This song is amazing, should be the radio way more despite S&M theme lyrics, but if the pop stars today can get away with it, then why not  the most dangerous band in rock and roll. Fun little thing, a line in this song is almost self prophetic, ‘once there was a rock and roll band rollin down the street, time went by and it became a joke.’


As the title would suggest, this song is a chugger. Ok song with a fantastic chorus. Effects on vocals now are digital, but back in the day Axl was a master at layering his voice in these tracks to create an unbelievable effect. This song has one of the best examples of this.

So Fine

This is one of the more beautiful ballads that the Guns do. Duff sings this one, and wrote it in memory to punk legend, Johnny Thunders. Great song for hangin out with your gal.


Long song. Epic song. Difficult song. All these things are true. Filled with emotion, and anxiety this is a classic if you can let yourself finish it. It is evident here that Guns N Roses became more than just a loud fast rock n roll band, but display a wide variety of style. Slash has described this as one of the harder Guns N Roses songs to play based on its length and many music changes.

You Could Be Mine

One of the greatest hard rock/ heavy metal songs of all time. This song was used for Terminator 2 per Arnolds request supposedly, and the newest Terminator movie, Arn had nothing to do with that decision, but good to know, GNR lasted the robot Armageddon. Anyways, this song is loud fast and angry, just what any teenage boy needs.

Don’t Cry Alternate Lyrics

This version of Don’t Cry is less well known. I do not know why, I actually really like the lyrics here. Why Axl decided to rewrite the lyrics stems from his breaking relationship with Izzy and the place in life they were in when writing the original. Think of it as one song with two different time snapshots into the mind of Axl and Izzy

My World

Not much to say about this. Axl’s early foray into the world of electronic/industrial sound. The rest of the band had no idea this song existed until they saw it on the albums release.


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