Music Review: Norah Jones “Little Broken Hearts”

Music Review: Norah Jones “Little Broken Hearts”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

So it has been a long time since I have sat down and listened to Norah Jones.  I kind of got disconnected from her music as I focused on music for parties instead of balancing music for myself too.  The last time I had her her was in 2004 when she releasedFeels Like Home, which was her sophomore solo album.

Seriously, my iPod collection of Norah Jones contained just a few old songs from her like “In The Morning,” “Be Here to Love Me,” and “The Prettiest Thing.”  Of course I also had stuff off her freshman album Come Away With Me, which came in 2002.  Of course you have to have “Don’t Know Why,” “Come Away With Me,” “Turn Me On,” and “Nightingale.”  And actually, “Don’t Know Why” popped up on shuffle the last few weeks and it made me wonder if she had any new music since last I heard.

The answer to that thought was, “Duh!  Where have you been?!”  Needless to say, to hear Norah Jones now is an interesting transition.  Again, last I heard her, she was in her early twenties, and to hear this album with her at age 33, the evolution and transition of her as a singer is interesting.  Little Broken Hearts is starkly more folk, indie’ish with some experimental sounds compared to Come Away With Me and Feels Like Home.  Not that it is a bad thing – it is just different.  It is like not seeing a niece or nephew since they were six or seven years old, and coming back home to see them nearly graduate from high school.  Lyrically, Norah still sounds like previous songs, however the undertones has obviously matured over time.  Overall, the theme of the album seems “Adele-esque” with the broken heartedness theme running through many songs “She’s 22,” “After the Fall,” “Out On the Road,” and “Happy Pills” to name a few.  Overall, the theme is consistent through the album which is solid in my books.  Albums often lack an official theme that correlates with the album title.

Overall, I dig the album.  Definitely a good album to have entirely.  It comes out May 1st.  You can pick it up for sure via online sources (iTunes, Amazon, and Google).  Go ahead and go get.  One of the few albums that has come out that is worth hearing the whole thing over and over again.

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