Beard and Mustaches That Rock

As a self-proclaimed facial hair enthusiast and rock and roll deejay, it only seems natural to notice that there are a lot of musicians with epic face hair. From classic rock to hip hop, interesting facial hair is a feature in an industry that loves crazy looks.

The band "The Beards" is proof of the relationship between face hair and good tunes


The classic example of facial hair in music is ZZ Top. Guitarist Billy Gibbons and bassist Dusty Hill have sported long, unruly beards for decades. Their drummer Frank Beard is ironically beard-less, but to his credit, does sport a mustache. The beards of Hill and Gibbons are arguably the best-known beards in rock and roll.

Look at those beards! And those jackets! And...there's Frank Beard on the right, looking very out of place

Another famous face with facial hair is the side chops of Lemmy Kilmster from Motörhead. Often called the ugliest man in rock and roll, his facial hair is best described as a mustache connected to sideburns. It’s probably a good thing he’s got the facial hair, because I can’t imagine him without it.


Sporting a classic ‘stache and soul patch was the always interesting Frank Zappa. Though the guy was terrible at naming his kids (Moon Unit and Dweezle, respectively), he was great at making music and growing an epic mustache. Frank Zappa died at an early age, but the legend of his mustache lives forever.

Look at that thing! Perfection.

Speaking of legendary mustaches, Frank Zappa’s ‘stache reminds me of another musician with awesome facial hair who also died young: Freddie Mercury of Queen. Freddie’s mustache was also dark and shaped well. Without that mustache, the video for “I Want to Break Free” would not have been quite as amusing. And that ‘stache, when paired with some Aviators, embodies the look of 70s cop:

That mustache makes me want to break free

In the late 90s, goatees were all the rage. Snoop Dogg still has pretty much always had a goatee, and Kurt Cobain had a scruffy blond goatee. Jonathan Davis sported a tiny triangle goatee with a pencil-thin mustache, and even Chris Kirkpatrick from N’SYNC had a small goatee. My favorite 90s goatee belongs to bassist Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down. His long, sectioned (I guess that’s what you’d call it) goatee is unique in its length and its shape. While some men do this same thing with a ponytail, Shavo decided to do the same look on his face, and it works on him. Last month System of a Down announced a new tour, so the goatee will be on stage yet again after a hiatus from the band. Let it out, Shavo!

Sectioned has to be the word for that, right?


Facial hair is not isolated to rock and roll alone, as exemplified by the wonderfully lush beard of Rick Ross. His beard is like that of my husbands: dark, full, and manly, the kind of beard you just want to rub your fingers in. Rick Ross’s beard is by far the best in the hip hop community.

There were pictures of him with his beard a little longer, but those sunglasses are awesome


No matter the genre, beards and mustaches have come to define lots of musicians. Whether it’s a beard or some mutton chops, male musicians who can grow facial hair (because lets face it, not all men can grow good facial hair) add a layer of gravitas to their persona. If Lady Gaga could, she would probably have the craziest facial hair in all of music, just to have that air of awesomeness that facial hair can bring to a person. More musicians should take a hint from these guys and let their hair grow!

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  1. Justin Vorhauer says:

    Hey, great piece. I’m the pirate from the Norcal Beard and Mustache Competition in March and was wondering if you would help promote out next event at the Placer County Fairgrounds on June 23rd in Roseville. Feel free to email me if you wouldn’t mind plugging for us. The more facial hair we can get out there, the more fun the event will be. Thanks!
    Justin Vorhauer

  2. Justin Vorhauer says:

    Hey Kally, We’ve got a flier that promotes the event. I was hoping you’d do a blog that just talks about how much fun the last one was and post the flier. Also, if you know anyone that might be interested in competing, particularly in freestyle, we always want more faces on the stage. Email me at and I’ll reply with the flier.

    Justin and the rest of the Mustache and Beard Social Club

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