Lushlife “Plateau Vision”

Finding a rap album that is reminiscent of the late 80’s is hard to find. I popped in Lushlife’s new album “Plateau Vision” and caught that buzz.


Combinations of The Roots great musicianship and lyrics that gave a Nas appeal took me back to time a when I was just starting out. With so many new hip hop artists leaning towards an electronic/pop feel in their new works, it was refreshing to hear Lushlife. Listening to this CD and closing my eyes, I could see people spraying graffiti getting tagged to a wall, a DJ cutting a record, and people chillin’ in front of a boom box and having a party in the summer.


This album is not something that is going to play on the radio every few minutes and that’s a sign of times. In today’s hip hop radio world content has to be dumbed down, beats need to be catchy, and hooks need to be simple to remember. Lushlife is a true throwback to way things used to be and need to go back to. I felt that each track was unique, including a sample of Kool Moe Dee getting ready to battle and beat MC Busy Bee in the 1 st major, and still talked about hip hop battle. Just another tip of the snapback to the older generation. “Progress” was a standout track that featured no lyrics from Lush, just a progressive melody and a speech on humanity. This artist said a lot without saying a word, a harken back to DJs in the early 1980’s that were stars of a show without saying a word.

Among my favorite tracks I still hear the word progress, “Glistening”, “Anthem,” and “Big Sur” are my favorites. These standout tracks bring home the diversity and goal of this concept album’s goal,to give a clear view to things in your sight-line. A plateau view allows everything to be visible, interesting huh? The album brings back feelings of the old days in hop hop and what needs to still be done in the present and future to make the genre unclouded by uncertainty. Lushlife is one of those artists that after listening to I’m glad I work at a radio station and listen to these lesser-known guys and spread the great work they are creating. Lushlife’s albums are available on iTunes, and check other online sites for other work. If I’m writing about it, go check it out. Even if you don’t like The Roots or Nas give it a try and for sure it will stick to you.

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