What we have learned so far in the playoffs

  • Chris Paul is ridiculous. He is playing out of his mind and is beating a team better than his, with two of their top 5 players hurt.
  • Dirk Nowitzki is still Dirk, but he is going to need more help than Deron Williams next year if he plans to make another run to the playoffs.
  • The Oklahoma Thunder are on another level right now. They seem to have a killer instinct this year and are clearly the favorites coming out of the West.
  • Amare Stoudamire may have played his last year in a New York uniform. He seems to have lost a step and it seems like he is ineffective whenever Tyson Chandler or Carmelo Anthony is on the floor. Carmelo has become Carmelo once again when D’Antoni left and Tyson Chandler is the Defensive Player of the year.
  • Danny Granger is not good. Well he’s good, but he’s not “winning” good. When you give him the Joe Johnson measurement, is the All Star in question better or as good as Joe Johnson? – He fails. Twice when his team has needed him down the stretch, he has failed to deliver, and watching Larry Birds face tells a story of disappointment for the small forward.
  • TNT is so much better without Shaq. Shaq should only be allowed to say one sentence at a time because any more makes him look bad as an analyst and as a human being.
  • Stan Van Gundy is a good coach because that team is trash.
  • The Spurs are scary good and deep.
  • The East is boring without the Bulls as a legitimate contender.
  • The Celtics look awful against the Hawks because the Hawks sucked before the injuries and now they are really trash.
  • Last but not least, I still like watching the Lakers lose.

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