Hometown Music

It came to my attention that in my blogs so far I haven’t talked about was the music from my own city of Fairlfield. Fairfield, California’s most well-known act would be the Federation. This group teamed with an E-40 producer Rick Rock and blew up, even landing the smash hit “Hyphy” on MTV. In the city there are various independent labels that come and go. The Hip Hop artists that I know have been building up for the last few years.

Some of the artits include Infamous Kaboo, Johnny Gas, S-confidential, and an artist that was on my show, Doe The Unknown, and Venomus Microphones/Under8d. “Outta Nowhere” is Doe The Unknown’s album, available at Rasputin’s Music stores through the Bay Area, as well as on iTunes. His next album, presented by San Francisco rapper Big Rich, will be out in time for the summer called “Lifeline”. Heaterhouse Muzik label mates Johnny Gas and S-Confidential both have new mixtapes on the way. Currently S-confidential has his mixtape Monumental Lifestyle out right now, his next album comming May 22 entitled “The Appetizer” which is a follow up to last years album “The Entre” . Johnny Gas has his mixtape “No Rest” out now, and new projects are on the way. The Infamous Kaboo, Stunnaz Inc/ClapCity who’s done shows with rappers like Yo Gotti has his album “24” and “Some Moe.” This album, along with his mixtape “Open Lane” , hosted by The Demolition Men, are available to buy on iTunes and Rasputins as well.

Mixtape Cover

For information on these 707 artists they all have facebook and twitter pages

@DoeTheUnknown@InfamousKaboo@Johnny_Gas@S_Confidential, the artist also have webpages to browse albums they have put out

Datpiff.com also has older mixtapes available from the Fairfield stars. These are underground and talented rappers. They don’t do trends, they each have a distinctive style from one another and other rhyme spitters in the area. Search youtube for videos from the guys as well. Follow these guys on twitter and pick up some good hip hop music.

Don’t forget check out my show Tuesday 5-6 Kssu.com and my twitter page @Justint_Djtre


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