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Do you believe in racism? Or are you one of those people who completely deny its existence? Do you tell your colored friends, “I don’t see color”? Do believe racism happens everyday?Well I believe in the latter, which is why I hate Tyler Perry and everything he touches. I hate B.E.T. and I hate Newt Gingrich. I hate Rush Limbaugh and I hate people who question Barack Obama’s “blackness.”  But what gets on my nerves more than anything else in the world, yes, even more on my nerves than when old white people use “rap lingo” to make jokes, is when people do not allow for multiple genres in Hip-hop or rap.

First of all, some people think the two are synonymous with one another, and second, they think any music made by black people not singing must be “rap music.” “It all sounds the same to me,” they say. Yeah, that’s because you are an idiot stuck in the 70’s. You allow for multiple genres in rock, but not in hip-hop. Why? Because you claim you don’t “get the music.” That’s fine, so don’t have an opinion about something you don’t know about. Look, I understand hip-hop encompasses anyone rapping just like rock encompasses any song with a guitar riff. I’m fine with that. But I, as a non-rock listener, understand that there are different kinds of Rock. I do not compare Metallica with Journey because they are two different types of Rock. I respect that because I know that there is a stark difference between the music made by Common and music made by Wakka Flocka. So allow for multiple genres within hip-hop and keep your dumb opinions to yourself…and I take it back, white people who claim they listen to “Hip-hop music” but only listen to white rappers gets on my nerves more than anything else.

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