Almost 30 years later: My Darling Nikki

Growing up in a household with two men and no women can give you a bit of a “manly” attitude. Not to say I am some kind of tough guy, because I’m not, but growing up in such a household kind of made me look at Prince a bit suspect. Not just his clothes (this was the 80’s), but his entire attitude and persona.

I just didn’t understand it, and because I never really cared for 80’s music in the first place I just could never really get into it. Too much damn synthesizers and half-assed singers who tried, but could not hit a high note. Call me old school, but give me some Marvin Gaye and Al Green any day. But I respect the old school, especially because I grew up on Michael Jackson and 80’s basketball. So it was only right for my music evolution to go back to the classics. I’m a hip-hop fan and I respect where it came from and Prince is definitely one of those grandfathers. I am not going to lie, I still don’t dig a lot of music made by Prince. But I love hard beats and some of his shit is hard body. I can’t deny it. So this is paying respect to one of his greatest songs of all time,  “My Darling Nikki”. The song aged like good wine. It’s the type song you make love too, with Prince moaning in the background like he does ever so often. My Darling Nikki, I am still looking for you!

DJ Ape – Mondays 7-9 pm


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