Music Review: Apollo Cobra “Motherland”

In picking up this album, I was kind of worried and skeptical if this was “my thing.”  I am really picky as to what I listen to.  But Apollo Cobra’s “Motherland” was surprisingly good.  For those not sure what to expect from Apollo Cobra, they sound something akin to LCD Soundsystem and Chromeo — a very solid sound.

Lyrically, they are catchy and funny at times.  Their song “Shut Up” is very catchy and I found myself laughing while listening to it.  But overall, the album has a good mix of high and low songs.  Songs that make you want to dance and songs that make you just want to bob your head or tap your foot.  “Feel Like It” and “Fire Disquise” are solid up beat songs.  They balance out with some nice mellow songs like “All My Friends” and “See You Again.”  Overall the album is filled with sort of a jazz like, alt/indie fusion of sounds.  Synthesizers and keyboards are used to create their sound, but overall there is a wide range of sounds to expect.

I recommend this album.  Expect to see “Motherland” by Apollo Cobra on May 29th.  Can’t wait?  Want to hear a few tracks before you buy?  Listen to any time 24/7/365 online to hear music from “Motherland” and other great albums!


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