Music Review: Bobby Womack “The Bravest Man in the Universe”

It wouldn’t be foolish to think that after May 2008, you figured Bobby Womack was done making and producing new music.  I thought so too.  It was a great run through the decades with signature, classic, and iconic music.  For avid fans out there, I do not need to dive too much into what songs make Bobby Womack, Bobby Womack.  For those unfamiliar with Womack, however, you should look into said album, “The Best of Bobby Womack – The Soul Years.”  “The Soul Years” being the best of everything Womack has to offer…until now.

Bobby Womack released “The Bravest Man in the Universe” on June 8th.  It is soulfully wonderful (all pun intended).  I am not going to lie though, the cover made me try to bend my thumb that way, but to no avail.  In any case, the music of this album is moving and does great justice to the genre.  Every once in a while I think that rhythm and blues and soul is a dying breed in music, but artists like Womack bring it all back.

I know, I know, there is plenty of R&B made out there still.  But few stand potential to attract people to the genre.   Not sure if I am talking too highly of this album?  Well then go check it out.  As I said, it has already been released.  Especially listen to track 1, “The Bravest Man in the Universe,” and track 4, “Dayglo Reflection.”  And if the preview time on iTunes and other online legal sources isn’t enough, YouTube the songs.  However, my best recommendation is to check for some of these tracks on 24/7/365, along with other great R&B, soul, hip-hip songs and more.



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