Music Review: The Endangered EP

For those looking for a new find, let me point your attention in the right direction.  On May 22nd, a group by the name of The Endangered released a self-titled EP.  The best thing of summer is always finding a new band or artist to throw into your circulation of music.  Well this summer you should check this band out.

The band is composed of vocalist Maiya Sykes, guitarist Nick Block, bass Frank Abraham, and drummer Gene Coye. The EP has a solid five songs that are all great: “Broke Heart,” “Calling On You,” “You’ll Be Mine,” “Dollars,” and “Mistakes.”  Each song, in my books, is a solid, fantastic addition to the rhythm and blues genre.  The bands leading single is “Calling On You,” which was released prior to the EP and it even has a music video made for it.  However, “Broke Heart” is another solid song to divert your attention to.

In general, this is a solid EP.  The band wrote every song on the EP and I am impressed.  If the band can continue this onto a full-length album, it will definitely be an amazing one.  You can check out the band on Facebook or even check out their official website for band news, other videos, and follow them on all the various social media sites.

If the video isn’t a solid enough preview, go ahead and listen to to check out a few songs from this EP, as well as other great music from all genres. Tune in 24/7/365.


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