Movie Review: “Ted”

As an avid Adult Swim fan, I have seen quite a bit in the way of previews and trailers for the now released movie “Ted.”  From the first preview I knew I had to see it at some point, and at some point I did!

The plot is fairly simple and the intro of the movie spells it out so nobody should be lost.  At a certain point in time everyone loses the imagination and hope of a child, so we all stop wishing upon a star.  Well, per the movie, in 1985 a wish was made by a boy for his teddy bear to be real.  The next day, his cute, plush teddy bear (which he had named Teddy like most other kids who get a teddy bear) comes to life.

The movie then continues to show the adventures of Ted(dy), voiced by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Brown Show, and John Bennett, played by Mark Wahlberg.

The low down of the movie is simple.  Personally, from my opinion, it was a laugh riot.  There was even times where I almost cried from laughing.  The movie goes to places that I just didn’t expect in the way of jokes and situations.  However, the movie was very familiar.  Since it was directed by Seth MacFarlane, it was very MacFarlane-esque.  It was very much like Family Guy and The Cleveland Brown Show (not American Dad) with its cut-away gags.  But the gags I don’t mind.  It was partially what makes Family Guy and the Cleveland Brown Show, so I did not mind at all.  Essentially it was like a live-action Family Guy (a stretch but there are some similarities).

Should you see this movie?  I think everyone should.  However, I understand some people don’t like/don’t get Family Guy.  If you are one of those who don’t find Family Guy funny or at least watchable of any sort, then this probably isn’t for you.  But then again, since it isn’t a cartoon, maybe you might like it more than Family Guy.   If you love/like Family Guy, American Dad, and/or the Cleveland Brown Show, you should love/like Ted.  It is that simple.  But I still think this is a movie everyone should see.  In my opinion this is probably going to be the comedy of the summer; and in the top 10 of the year.



  1. Good review, always nice to read something quick and to the point. Family Guy’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine so I expected the same sort of entertainment from this movie and I was not disappointed. I loved the Flash Gordon cameos, and I was actually pretty impressed with the chemistry between Wahlberg and Kunis. Hopefully MacFarlane can keep this quality up for his next inevitable cinematic project

    Anyways feel free to check out my review for Ted if you want, I always love feedback from other bloggers 🙂

  2. Great job! Ted is my new favorite movie! I loved the keen dialogue and talent from wahlberg and kunis! I write reviews at and would appreciate any constructive criticism!


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