Interview with Binh Worley

The interview with Binh Worley was as heartfelt and truthful as it was real and identifiable. The interview started with a welcome back to the show after a summer break. Even though the speaker seemed a little radio-shy in the beginning, he began to open up and let him introduce himself to the world. He explained that he is originally from Southern California and relocated to Northern California, where there was certain hurdles he had to overcome. He also further explains how he believes in friendship and loyalty to the fullest and gave us some examples of his dedication.

He opens with a story of betrayal and friendship as he states he had an altercation in a bar and was left alone in a posse of known ruffians. He stated that he asked his longtime friend for support and assistance in the altercation but it was immediately returned with perfidy. He identified that the only person who was at his side was the girlfriend of the friend who confronted the other party. As the story goes on, the disloyalty continues- this time towards the girlfriend who was the victim of domestic violence. Binh and his friend’s ex-girlfriend’s (left unnamed) fury ignites, and a plan of revenge was devised.

Binh and Kent show off their prizes

At this time of the tale, details are explained about a possible car chase and involvement of the law and television reporters. This interview indicated by the least was relate-able to many who are in or have been in challenging relationships and acts of treachery. He then continues how that he learned from his experiences, and now has a better sense of being and the surroundings around him.

Although not scorned by this dispute, he progressed to grow into a wiser and more focused individual.  With his new friend by his side at the interview, Kent Souza, he is now encouraged to stay on the right path and not to be influenced by the wrong kinds of people. He demonstrated his change in nature by stating he had returned to school in pursuit of becoming a chef. He also was in a race with Kent and had the opportunity to be an annual winner in a recent salsa competition where he won the prize and took home money and bragging rights. He specified that he put all the adolescent behavior in his past and is now focusing on moving forward to be a better person and community leader. His story by far is one that we all can relate to, as growing up as an adult many of us has had to cut ties with childhood friends to better one’s self. When asked what advice you would give, he gave the positive message of, “No matter what you have done in the past, you can always move forward and it is never too late to make a change or difference in yourself.”

To conclude, I would say this was one of the most real stories that has come out of an interview. The change and dedication Binh has made to achieve higher standards in his life is an inspirational story that many people can relate to.

By: Bee Tina

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  1. binh worley says:

    thanks bee tina great time……….

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