Upvote Joe’s Ideal Concert

My ideal concert would be held in Athens Concert Hall on New Year’s Eve. To open the performance, Daft Punk would debut a 15-minute mix of their most popular tracks. As their set closes down, Incubus arrives to play their hits such as “Drive” and “Pardon Me,” as well as covering old-school rock songs.

The band will begin to play “Learn to Fly” and transition the show mid-song to the Foo Fighters, who play for another 30 minutes with songs from their past and present. Dave Grohl will quiet the crowd to allow an acoustic rendition of “Everlong.”

Once he finishes, he reveals the next band to play: the dark silhouettes of The Beatles, as they were in the late 60’s emerge on stage playing “Come Together” to the roaring of the crowd. The Fab Four continue to play, including “Back in the USSR” and “Paperback Writer,” not showing any sign of loathe for each other. They would collaborate with bands of today, including Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Incubus, creating a mesh of classic and modern rock goodness. To close out the show, Queen and Led Zeppelin would take the stage, with incredible pyrotechnics to countdown to the beginning
of the New Year. Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant would sing to the heavens while the clock dies down in Athens; as it strikes midnight, the traditional Auld Lang Syne would be abandoned and Queen would play “We Are the Champions” to the roaring crowd while the sky is lit up by fireworks, as an epic night of auditory pleasure comes to a close. Freddie
stands triumphant as the music dies down around him as the crowd gazes in awe.



  1. jason Hadland says:

    Could you let me know if this image is copyrighted? Cheers. jasonhadland@live.co.uk


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