A Bad Call, Replacement Refs and Twitter

The debacle of a Monday Night football game between the Seahawks and the Packers put on display why Twitter is awesome.

Here’s the series of events that show how Twitter can encapsulate brilliance in 140 characters or less:

Controversial non-interception/touchdown call gives win to Seattle:

Twitter explodes.  Fans, players, coaches, analysts all agree that the call was complete and utter horse manure.  People everywhere are in agreement that it was an interception and not a touchdown.

The screen caps come out:

People take screen shots of their TVs displaying how terrible the referee’s decision was.  People again explode with rage about the horrendous call.  If you ever wanted to tweet something embarrassing to get it off your chest, this was the time to do it, because if your tweet didn’t include “Packers, Seahawks, or Replacement Refs,” nobody was going to read it.

The memes come out:

Ahhh the memes.  Absolute hilarity as pictures of confused referees are paired with hilarious captions.  Arguably the best part of the night.

ESPN Post game analysts go in on the NFL referee situation:

While Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico weren’t shy about their displeasure with the refereeing in the game, the most notable anti-ref spokesperson was Steve Young, who gave a brilliant monologue on why the NFL is ruining the game by keeping the replacement referees employed.  Young ended his speech by saying, “You, the NFL, is screwing this brand up right now.”  This caused another explosion on Twitter as people get to see the real, candid side of the analysts that are so often vanilla and unbiased.

Not to mention we got to see John Clayton in a random blue and white Reebok T-shirt, which in and of itself was awesome.  What in the hell was John Clayton doing that he was near the stadium and not in a suit, or even a polo shirt?  Clayton hopped on the Monday Night Football postgame show like he just got off the basketball court.  That provided more laughs on the Twitterverse.

The aftermath:

And this is why Twitter is excellent.  The aftermath of a controversial call is no longer a chat with the nearest friend, or a phone call to someone.  The aftermath is now a full blown, day long discussion full of laughs and analysis and thoughts from people of all shapes, sizes, ages and cultures.  We are getting to experience the thoughts of the entire country, just by scrolling a timeline, or searching a term, or clicking a link.  The amount of different perspectives is tremendous, and something that makes Twitter unique and great.

The  Packers’ players decide to tweet their thoughts:

And it all hits the fan again.  Obscenity laden tweets from Green Bay’s players, directed at the NFL.  This causes mass hysteria on Twitter as the retweets fly and the laughing commences.

Clay Matthews puts Roger Goodell’s office phone number on Facebook:

Be still my beating heart.  Good lord this is unbelievable!  The night couldn’t get better!  Every reason social media is excellent was covered tonight.  With the click of a button, Clay Matthews turned the NFL Commissioner’s voicemail into a war zone.

The spread of information and the consumption of information is coming at a higher rate than ever before, and nights like tonight allow people to take full advantage of the glory that is social media.  You interact with people all over the country and all over the world, as everyone comes together over ONE event.  I won’t even go into what this means for the importance of sports in our culture, but Twitter, just by itself, connected millions of people.

Whether it was the actual game, the reactions, the pictures, or anything else, Twitter was a form of entertainment and an information source all night.  This is just one example of the way Twitter is changing the world.  People connect better than ever, and two people with nothing in common are able to find a connection all because of the wonderful world of Twitter.

If you’re not on Twitter or a social network, I suggest you get there, because it is the future of information gathering.  So many different opinions, so many different ideas, and things you can’t get just watching the news or reading the newspaper.  Twitter and other social media are awesome, as evidenced by the events that occurred tonight.   If you’re not already there, get there, because you’re missing out.



  1. sjchevalier07 says:

    John Clayton is based in Seattle, so it was more than convenient for him to be at the game.

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