DJ AndyG’s Dream Concert

My dream concert would be at the Crest Theater.  Why the Crest?  Well for one, just look at the place!  The Crest just yells out art deco inside and out. Besides its architectural beauty, the Crest has much more comfortable seating than the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. The Crest is also full of Sacramento history since its grand opening October 6, 1949 with the MGM movie That Midnight Kiss.

Now as we look up at the board to see what the venue is, it will read “Ultimate Jazz Experience One Night Only!” The musicians that are in this septet will consist of:

  Trumpet- Freddie Hubbard

Saxophone- Stan Getz

Piano-Chick Corea

Vibraphone- Cal Tjader

Drums- Joe Morello

Bass- Joe Byrd

Guitar- Charlie Byrd

In my humble opinion, I find these gentlemen are some of the best musicians ever and are my personal favorites.  Freddie Hubbard was on the front lines of the hard bop movement, while Stan Getz is called to be one of the Deans of the Cool School. Chick Corea is one of, if not the best pianist of the modern age, post Coltrane era, and Tjader has been called the funkiest Swede to have ever lived. Joe Morello has the perfect combination of playing melodic with speed and Joe Byrd should be getting more credit for his playing.  Lastly, Charlie Byrd is the master of playing classical Spanish guitar in jazz rather than using the industry standard arch-top guitar.  I do not really know that the set list would be for this motley crew, but frankly it does not really matter because they could make any song sound perfect.  Oh and before I forget, Tom Hanks would be the MC.  If you ever by some miracle see these guys playing, call me up.

Stay classy my friends,

DJ AndyG

Listen to The Jazz Hour Wednesday mornings at 10 on, Sacramento State’s College Radio.



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