Music’s Influence

If you’ve ever taken a media class, you’ve likely heard that one of the functions of media is to act as a companion. Music has been there for me, through everything. Music helped me feel connected to people, and concepts. Music made me feel connected to my cousin, who I always looked up to. I would become obsessed with any music he liked. Music helped me feel connected to God when I was growing up, and was a very religious person. I listened to Michael W. Smith a lot.

When my sister was a baby, I would go into her nursery and make up songs on the spot as I sang to her. Music helped to make me feel in control of my surroundings. When I was 8, I begged my mother to let me and my childhood best friend record the greeting on our answering machine. When she finally agreed, the two of us spent all day writing a song to sing. I can still recite it, tune and all. I used to take my father’s tape recorder, and make up songs to go along with my pretend radio show. Yes, my first DJ gig was in my bedroom with a large cassette recorder. As soon as digital cameras had the ability to transfer their display onto to a television, I rigged a way to record the pictures passing across the screen set to music. I made many music videos. Music helped me transfer the emotions I had about my memories onto videotape. The video technology got better as time went by, and I could make music videos with actual moving video. But, it is the songs that I spent so much time selecting that truly told the story. Music helped bond me to my friends. The video of my friend, who is no longer with us, set to the song she would always sing (while she ran around farting on everyone). Hearing that particular song can instantly bring me back to a night where a group of my friends and I shared a great night together, and all sang in unison along with the radio, moving our gaze to look at each other with a heartfelt smile. Music has always been there, and always will.


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