Crash: A Summary

The movie Crash was  a perfect example of predisposition on people’s beliefs and attitudes based on stereotypes and personal viewpoints on other cultures and norms. The movie shows how several everyday people’s lives are intertwined and the inequalities they are faced with. The movie was one that will continue to stick out in my mind as something everlasting. Even though the movie has been done before in other ways by other producers based on different scenarios, I believe this movie Crash used a better real life setting of Los Angeles, California to depict inequalities and differences people face today.

The movie opens up to a couple who is car jacked while preforming day to day functions by a group of African American men. Even though they do not know these men, because of their predicament, they later become prejudiced towards their Hispanic locksmith and become hesitant of his services saying, “He would probably be giving copies of their keys to    ‘his other gang members’” after seeing several tattoos on the worker. Even though this man was an honest day to day worker, he was automatically prejudged based off of a situation he had nothing to do with. The movie also depicts a man who was Persian and weary of people based on open racism and injustices. He also is treated badly while trying to buy a weapon to defend himself. The honest store man who had broken no laws what so ever was returned with racial slurs after attempting to make a purchase.

The movie also goes on to show racial profiling as a law abiding citizen who is African American in descent and also well off is stopped by police who harasses him and sexually assaults his wife. That same officer later ends up saving the wife who was nearly blown up in her ignited car. Even though the couple had nothing to do with the previous carjacking and was making romantic acts toward themselves (husband and wife), they were treated like criminals based off the cops preconception of African Americans because of his own dispositions  and due to him being unable to provide support to his ailing father who was racist.

Even though I saw this movie as very touching, there was several more instances that took place and other interactions that were fundamental to the movie. I thought one of the saddest moments was when Peter Waters (Larenz Tate) was killed by the guy giving him a ride in the car while digging in his pocket to show him that they had the same bobble head toy that they kept on each other. I thought that was an example of how there is so much fear in the opposite culture and how people are quick to be trigger happy without waiting the extra five minutes to wait for facts. Overall, I thought this movie was a perfect example of the American thought process and how all cultures and beliefs are intertwined and how we need to step back a minute to look at the bigger picture and see ourselves in a broader perspective.


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