The best concert that ever was

The best concert that I could ever attend would be a Prince concert, mostly because I have been a huge fan for years. He is a wonderful performer and my personal favorite celebrity crush. He has had me ever since “Purple Rain.” The thought of me being in close personal contact with him would be very overwhelming to me and I think that I would be star struck.

His performances are outstanding, over the top, and unrealistic in the most fantastic way. His guitar playing, dancers and costumes are the most unique and unusual. I would want him to play “Sign of Times” and “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” my two favorite songs by him ever. I would want it to played somewhere near the water so after the concert with my VIP passes, I could be purified, though it wouldn’t be in the lake of Winitanka me and him would be able to role play as if it was. This concert by far would not only be my greatest but by the words I have my deepest fantasy and indulgences satisfied.Yumm!



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