The Same but Different: Freedom Writers vs. Crash

In viewing this Freedom Writers, I saw many similarities to the  film Crash. An example first being the main actress Erin (played by Hillary Swank) in this movie she develops a lot just as the actor in Crash who was told to act more like a black person and was told to stay in line. This is shown in Erin in the Freedom Writers several times; first when Erin is told to not interfere or to not worry about the books the children were reading as they will just ruin them. Second was when her father who said it was a waste of time and unhappy that she took the job. Lastly, she exhibited this when her husband was leaving her for lack of attention and obedience. She does not follow in suit and instead does the right thing and continues to advocate truth and justice for what she believes in.

The major person who presented commonalities in the movie Crash was the second leading role of Eva played as April Lee Hernandez. In the movie she interacted with several different racial groups, such as the movie Crash did. She mainly interacted with Sindy (Jaclyn Ngan) to which their story opens up with racial slurs and fighting. They later grow close through their transformations and Eva becomes the best eyewitness in righteousness to Sindy’s friend who was murdered by the hand of Eva’s comrade. Eva prejudged Sindy from her differences and her being in a rival gang but through their class that Erin facilitated they are forced to interact, which makes them able to form admiration for each other.

Something in the movie that bothered me but is very real in day to day life was the interference from Margaret Campbell with the progression of Erin’s teaching and encouragement of the student’s enhancement. Even through it is common among urban schools to be put on the back burner for reform, her blatant harassment and deformation of Erin’s development of the children’s education was very disturbing. I also didn’t like the way she treated Victoria as an affirmative action student enrollee or how the other teachers would put her in the spotlight and expect her to speak on the behalf of her race.

The part of the movie that touched me the most was the ending when the young boy stood up in class stating he was homeless and being evicted and the only thing that he was looking forward to was being able to go back to the teacher’s class. It was stated that this gave him the hope and strength to get through the others hurdles that he endured. I felt like this was very touching as most youth his age to do not value an education and rather take it for granted the majority of the time.

To conclude the difference was I saw Freedom Writers as being better than Crash due to the fact that you saw the characters speak their feelings and emotions directly to the ones they’re directed toward instead of behind their backs or closed doors. It brought the altercations to the table to better gain understanding and meaning. This gave the opportunity to educate and react to the dissimilarities which ultimately changed the view they had of others internally and bettered a lot of their lives as the final outcome.


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