The Bipolar Bears Review

The Bipolar Bears have much more to offer than just a catchy name. Their self-titled album will have you humming all day!


The Bipolar Bears features Daniel Saint Clair on guitar, bass ,and vocals; Devin Hanley on bass, guitar, and vocals; Caleb Holland on keys, sax, and drums; and David Poda Guthrie on drums, percussion, and vocals. Quite a good line-up of performers if I do say so myself, despite them being relatively unheard of. As you read above, each artist contributes their own vocals to the album which makes this CD a vocal powerhouse! While each artist does contribute their voice, Daniel Saint Clair seems to take the spotlight in most of the songs as the lead singer. This man has AMAZING vocals! He keeps his lower range soft but he can hit those high notes like it is nothing. If you really want to know what I’m talking about, get your hands on this CD and listen to track 3, “I Want You.” The falsetto on this guy is pretty good.

The Bipolar Bears’ sound as a whole is very interesting. They have a feeling to them similar to The Killers or The Smiths, but they aren’t just some wannabe group. Their use of keyboard alone makes a HUGE impact on their music. They might not use keys on all of their songs, but for the songs they do use it, they melody will get stuck in your head right away and you will just be waiting for the next verse for it to come back. They also have a subtle use of electronic instruments and synthesizers. Luckily it is the perfect amount and they aren’t just throwing techno nonsense into their music to appeal to the current pop culture. Instead, they use just enough to catch your attention and add flavor, then they take it out layer by layer and make the focal point the vocals again. In my opinion, they do this better than any artist or group that I have heard of in a LONG time.

This album gets an A in my book for excellent vocals and great instrumentation. If you can get your hands on this CD, be sure to check out their songs “I Want You,” “Empty Hooks,” and “This Used to Be the Sun.” You definitely wont regret it.

I can say for sure I will be playing some of their songs on my show Panda Watch Mondays 8pm – 9pm at First because I like the songs,second because I just have to have a band called The Bipolar Bears on a show called Panda Watch. More bears,the better!


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