Short Story- War of Gods Conclusion

High on a mountain stood Odin, only his spear at his side. He sees his sons and daughters slain by the children of Zeus. They are all dead, almost; neither side will win at this point. The cool air passes through Odin’s beard and with his one eye gazes into the battle acknowledging his time to fight and die. A wolf is running towards him, it is neither Geri nor Freki, they have already fallen. This wolf is Loki, Odin’s blood-brother; it is time for them to fight.

Asalrek lifts himself from the pile of dead gods, standing tall over a sea of bodies. He sees Odin, but he is not alone, he is fighting, he is fighting Loki. “Loki you dog!” The barbarian cries. “The honor of Odin’s death shall be mine, now I must kill you as well.” Lifting his battle strained body, Asalrek made his way to the fighting gods. Sword drawn, dripping in the blood of his enemies, he walks. He walks towards his fate.  He reaches the two gods and Odin is down, Loki ready to deliver the blow that will end it all. Instead, Asalrek grabs the wolf by the neck and tears out his throat. In pain Loki returns to his natural form, grasping at his neck. Asalrek ends the life of Loki in an instant, and only Odin was left. Odin now, after his battle with Loki, was no match for Asalrek. Asalrek took gungnir and stabbed Odin through the head. In his last breaths, Odin told Asalrek ,”Your pride denied your access to Valhalla, not I. You are a brave warrior indeed. You think yourself clever perhaps for tricking Zeus and I, but we knew along what would happen. Those with the power of foresight cannot be easily tricked, not even by you. It was time for our power to end, for a new one to take over.  I thank you Asalrek for this magnificent battle.”

In Odin’s final words Asalrek had fell to the ground, the power granted to him by Ares was gone.  In the sky grew a ball of energy, that of the fallen gods. In an all encompassing blast, the energy vaporized the bodies of the gods as well as Asalrek. From this energy a new power was born. This power was the culmination of all man’s gods into one all mighty being. This being brought life back into the earth and resurrected the nine Muses, daughters of Zeus, to forever make sure the stories of the past are never forgotten.

Thanks for reading my tale, loosely inspired by the God of War franchise for Playstation and the Manowar album Gods of War.

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-Jack O’Lantern


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