Interview – Zion I

This past weekend on October 6th, 2012, I met up with the Zion I crew as they came into Sacramento.  They performed three tracks off of their newest album, ShadowBoxing.  Before they made the store bounce to the beat, I had the great opportunity of meeting them and asking them a few questions.

They are as awesome, if not more awesome than I thought they were.

That night they performed at Ace of Spades.  They were preceded by Vokab Kompany and Minnesota.  That night was an eclectic one to say the least.  There is more information out there for those unfamiliar with Vokab Kompany or Minnesota.  The energy throughout the night was pretty high but it escalated even higher when Amplive came out on stage.  Amplive started off the set with a few samples and everyone loved it.  And when Zumbi came on stage, the crowd went wild – as wild as the fans Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants making it into the playoffs were.  Their performance was great.  Hands were in the air often and people were bouncing.  It was great!  Their set comprised of all of the best from various albums, and including some new solid tracks off of Shadow Boxing including Joe Frazzzier, ShadowBoxing, Human Being, Life’s Work, and Trapped Out.   Don’t Lose Your Head and Coastin’ were also played.

Great night, great set.  I have been impressed with them not losing themselves in their work.  Everyone should head over to their website, or to iTunes, or where ever else and pick up ShadowBoxing.

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