Doctor Who Villains: The Weeping Angels

Since the show’s creation in 1963, Doctor Who has had its fair share of antagonists.  These villains range from the hate-filled Daleks to war-fueled Sontarans,with each evildoer having their own unique background and characteristics. Out of the plethora of villains Doctor Who has to offer, the most terrifying is without a doubt the Weeping Angels.

The Weeping Angels are a creation by Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat, and in my opinion,  they are one of his best creations yet. Their true terror comes not from their appearance but rather their behavior; the Weeping Angels appear to be simple stone statues when being observed by a sentient being but as soon as an Angel is not being viewed, it becomes a quick-moving creature of horror.

The Weeping Angels behave in this way as a defense mechanism. Through evolution, their bodies have developed in a way that it turns to stone when being observed. This way, an Angel can not be harmed but this trait does have its drawbacks: the Angel is incapable of movement. Since an Angel is stuck in this stone state while being viewed, they must put their faces into their palms to prevent looking at each other and unintentionally putting themselves in a permanent gazing lock. This is where the ‘Weeping Angels” derive their name from since this position gives the appearance they are crying.
A Weeping Angel covering its eyes

A Weeping Angel needs only a fraction of an unobserved second to clear large distances. The time it takes to blink is long enough for an Angel to close in and attack, but an Angel has a much different way of dealing with its enemies than most other creatures in the Doctor Who universe. A Weeping Angel’s touch hurls its victim into the past and the Angel uses its victim’s “potential energy” (the years they would have lived in the present) as nourishment. As stated by The Doctor in the episode “Blink,” the Weeping Angels are “the only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely,” since they don’t physically harm you but rather send you through time to live out the rest of your years there.

The Weeping Angels are hands down the most terrifying reoccurring villains in the Doctor Who universe. They draw their fear from the pure psychological aspect that they can be any statue around you and you would never know. Just remember this if you are ever confronted with a Weeping Angel: the only real way to stop an Angel  is to keep staring at it…just make sure you don’t blink!

This post was written by Erik Gonzalez (DJ Purple Panda/The Panda Predator). Tune in to Mondays 8-9pm for my show “Panda Watch.”


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