The Maccabees Interview & Show Review

The Maccabees
Over the weekend, one of the best British indie-rock bands around these days, The Maccabees, played an unforgettable show at The Independent in San Francisco. With their chart-topping, third and newest album out, Given To The Wild, along with a U.S. tour, there has been a great deal of buzz about the band lately. I was able to catch up with The Maccabees front man, Orlando Weeks, before the start of the show for a quick chat.

After the interview, we headed inside The Independent to listen to the opener for the night, Oakland natives, Mwahaha. While their electronic, psychedelic rock songs were very fitting for a Bay Area show, the crowd was itching to see the main act come on stage. Fans of The Maccabees mean serious business; one fellow in the audience drove thirteen hours from Salt Lake City just to catch this show.

Finally, after much anticipation, the band entered the stage and the crowd could not have been happier. Proving that they have natural talent and do not rely on studio enhancements, The Maccabees gave a stellar performance that was just as good, if not better, than their recorded versions. Orlando Weeks’ distinctive and pleasant voice filled the room along with their melodic guitar riffs and foot-tapping beats. The band’s stage presence also gave the show a more genuine quality; Orlando dancing about the stage in tune with the music and guitarist, Felix White, jumping around and yelling out into the crowd got everyone jumping and clapping along with him.

The Maccabees did a wonderful job pleasing fans old and new with a good mixture of songs from all of their albums. Songs off of the new album, Given To The Wild, like “Ayla” and “Pelican” translated well into a live show, made apparent with how excitedly the crowd danced around. Older songs like “Love You Better” and one of their more popular songs in the U.S., “Toothpaste Kisses,” had everyone singing along. When the night finally came to a close, it was very obvious that the crowd was sad to see them go. If one thing is for sure, The Maccabees put on an excellent live show and Northern California will be waiting for their return!

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