Matisyahu: Exclusive Interview and Acoustic Performance at Dimple Records, Sacramento


Volunteering here at KSSU gave me the awesome opportunity to interview Matisyahu before his acoustic performance at Dimple Records and his actual concert at Ace of Spades. Do you guys want to know how it went down? Here it is!

I came to Dimple at 5, an hour before his acoustic performance. All the employees at Dimple were telling me they will get me when he arrives. Anxious and excited, I browsed the vast library of cds and dvds. Cut to 5:55, when his acoustic guitarist came in to set up in the front. I was in the back, where I was supposed to wait. He came through the door. I was star struck, yet ready for the interview. We shook hands firmly and the interview went like this:

MeHey Matisyahu! So do we still have time to do an interview?

MatisyahuHey, what’s up! Umm we’ll see, lemme check this out right now..

Me😀 ok

And that’s the end of the interview. They went to perform three songs off of his new album, Sparkseeker. (You can watch “Crossroads” and “Searchin” at the bottom of this post). They perform and he does his signature beatboxing  after each song, which was amazing.

After his set, the manager said the signing was off, yet Matisyahu stayed to sign some cds, posters, and take some pictures. He was a very awesome and chill guy, but he was just pressed for time. Image

It was a disappointing, yet a cool experience.

Anyways, check out his new album “Sparkseeker”, it’s different, but still him!


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