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Due to its release on a limited number of screens, the documentary “Marley” was not seen by most people. But it is certainly a must see. The film was directed by Kevin MacDonald, the same director for the film, “Last King of Scotland.” The documentary chronicles Bob Marley’s life from the outskirts of the island, to his growing up in the rough section of Kingston, Jamaica known as Trench-town. He was born poor, often went to bed hungry,and  his mother and sister left the island when he 16 and the film shows his growth throughout his lifetime.

What separates this documentary from other documentaries about musicians is that “Marley” depicts Bob’s entire character. His transformation from a timid young boy, to a proud, bold and passionate man is shown with candid interviews from Bob’s mother, his son Ziggy, one of his daughters, as well as former members of the Wailers to paint the real picture of who Bob Marley was. With rare audio from interviews, Bob himself makes some chilling and thought provoking statements. It was always known that Bob Marley was very outspoken when it came to the political happenings of the day, but to witness him on camera speaking about the times in Jamaica and what he went through was truly captivating. Going further into his character was the uneasy question was raised about Bob’s affairs with women other than his wife Rita. The real honesty that came out in this documentary was a real telling of how the man truly was. As to be expected there were early demo track releases from the Wailers early days, where Peter Tosh and Nevile Livingston contributed greatly in the projects. Nevile, who is the living member of the famed trio, spoke of Bob as his brother and still had a glowing love for the man even though they had differing opinions on the direction of the Wailers. This documentary was as much about spirituality and politics, as it was about the man himself. Even you are not a fan of reggae music, this a truly well done documentary and is awe inspiring. The film’s official release date was 4/20/2012, but is now available to purchase and was recently added to Netflix. Check it out you will thank me later.

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