Movie Review – Cloud Atlas

Have you ever felt like you were something else in a past lifetime?  Had a case of Déjà vu?  Felt like you have seen something before but you aren’t sure where?

Cloud Atlas, a flick brought to you by Warner Brothers, kind of postulates this and much more.  The film has a little bit of everything from the serious philosophical questions to some comedy, action, romance, and a dash of gore.  The movie bills famous individuals such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Jim Sturgess, Keith David, and more.  The movie also includes a new face, an actress by the name of Doona Bae, who is new to the United States scene, for the most part, but is quite famous in South Korea.  The cast is a great hodgepodge of some of the greatest the big screen has ever scene.

First, let me get this out of the way.  I loved this movie.  It was great.  I recommend this for everyone* (* everyone being mature audience.  This is definitely not a movie for children.  Parents, don’t bring your kids if you don’t want them, or yourself, to see blood and guts, hear controversial talk which includes slavery, or see mature scenes, don’t bring them and/or don’t come).  In my opinion, this is the “King’s Speech,” “Black Swan,” or “The Social Network” of the year – that movie that everyone must see (and theoretically should win a ton of awards, if not be at least nominated for every category).

In going to watch this movie you should be aware of a few things:

  1. It is a few minutes shy of three hours in run time.  It is rare for a movie to go that long.  Fortunately it isn’t on the same level as Gone With the Wind or Seven Samurai, but is is fairly close to Pearl Harbor, Dances with Wolves, and Fiddler on the Roof.
  2. A lot of the main actors and actresses play multiple roles in the movie.  So that means pay close attention and don’t get up to use the restroom (seriously).  I recommend doing what you can to not have to miss a part of the movie because if you miss 5-10 minutes you may miss two or more scenes.
  3. There are about a handful of different stories being told in one movie.  Each story could be a movie of its own, or a minisode even.  I think the movie does well in transitioning, but some may not appreciate it.

The makeup is astounding in this movie, along with the level of affects.  The skills of all in the movie is equally great.  It is hard not to like the movie but it is possible.  I was told by the movie rep before I saw the movie that this is a movie people will either love or hate – the middle ground being hard for most to stand on.  This is also a movie one should see multiple times to get the full understanding.  I will definitely be seeing it again.

I had heard rumors that tenets of Buddhism sit real strong with certain circles in Hollywood, and it is very apparent in this movie.  There are a lot of moral and social issues and lessons in the movie.

I recommend everyone seeing it.  The run time alone is worth the ever increasing movie ticket prices these days.  This is my favorite movie of 2012 and goes in the top movies of the past few decades.



  1. Good review. Not the perfect flick some people have made it out to be, but still a pretty entertaining and interesting piece of work.

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