Songs I Wish I Could Play On Air, If Only The FCC Let Me :'(

Let’s face it.  If you listen to a genre mainly associated with sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, and other such debauchery,  there are going to be a few songs that censorship just won’t take care of.  Although the majority of Electronica is instrumental or includes minimal lyrics,  every now and then you will come across something that is even TOO party rock for internet airwaves.  Here’s a list of songs that you will never (but should be able to) hear on my show:

1. F*** My Life by Owl Vision. This song would be PERFECT for my show–it’s catchy, dancy, great bass, and very electronic indeed, with a little touch of hardcore in there.  Only one problem:  The F word is literally a third of the lyrics.  Censoring it out wouldn’t really allow the song to make any sense.

2. Cookies With A Smile by Dada Life.  Right now, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite songs.  But it says a couple things that are not very nice to the ladies and it may be a bit too suggestive for the air.  I’ll leave it for the raves.

3.  Internet Friends by Knife Party.  One of the greatest electronic tracks of all time.  The problem is the brief section in the beginning hosting a long stream of sexually insulting profanities.  You really CAN’T cut that out.  It would ruin the whole buildup of the song.

4. Suck My D*** by DJ Valentino.  I’m not really one for Trance music, but given the chance, this would be a closer on my show for sure.  Like the Owl Vision track I mentioned earlier, the majoritiy of the lyrics are whatever profanity is in the title.  Great track, though.  Post it on your closest enemy’s facebook timeline and watch the sparks fly.

5. I Am Not A W**** by LMFAO.  Had to be done.  We ARE talking Party Rock Shock here.  One of their most Club-worthy tracks, this is clearly not meant for radio play.  Don’t you just love how there is this one great song, and the artist ruins it by placing in it an unavoidable cuss word?  Thank you, LMFAO, for making half your discography unplayable on a show that I named after YOUR franchise.

6.Sucks To Be You by Clinton Sparks. Kind of the electropop/house/hip hop version of the above DJ Valentino track, there are too many insults to censor it without either butchering it or completely ruining the integrity of the song.  Isn’t there a better way to say you’re angry than cussing all over your song?

7. Pornstep by Dodge & Fuski Feat. The Highbury W****s.  Never mind the fact there are profanities in this one.  Pornstep is a subcategory of dubstep that basically takes audio and voice samples straight from pornography clips, remixes them, and slaps them over some wubs. Effective buildup to the drop, but not good in any social setting really.  It’s too bad.  This has an amazing drop.  Speaking of Pornstep…

8. Ice Cream by Borgore. Borgore isn’t REALLY Pornstep, but his rhymes are close enough.  Part rapper, part dubstep producer, this guy is either getting way too much, or not enough.  This song kind of makes me feel ashamed to be a woman.  Not sure how.  I certainly can’t relate to it.  Nice set of wubs wasted.

9.  Get Off Easy by Breathe Carolina.  This presents an issue much less in its content, but in the appropriate matter of censorship.  When Kyle screams “SHUT THE F*** UP!” in a background layer amid a billion other sound effects and synths, not only is it hard to understand, it’s hard to notice.  Most people wouldn’t even know it was there.  And if it was a word like hell or asshole, I might be slightly more inclined to risk it,  but with the F word you don’t mess around.

10.  Va Va Voom by Bassnectar feat. Lupe Fiasco.  You gotta be careful with anything that has a well-known rapper in it.  Not too bad until you get to the very swift mention of the N word.  This actually went over so many heads that Sparky, our automated 24-hour DJ, played this several times before it finally had to be taken down.  It’s such a fraction of a second that it may not even be worth censoring, but if I chose to do so it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

I’m DJ Selenium and my show, Party Rock Shock, airs every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific on  To learn more about my show, join my Facebook Group or follow my Twitter.

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