Men, Acquire Skills

Hey all. Since we are in college, developing our future selves, us men should start cultivating our styles and mannerisms fitting those of a college graduate or a gentleman. I have provided a few tips college men should start implementing in order to be more successful in life.

  1. Build your confidence – in all fields of employment, having the confidence to approach others you do not know will take you far. Making small talk with the cashier at Target or with other students in between classes will help you build character. Take this further with career fairs and similar events. Public speaking is one of the most common fears; a great resource to alleviate this is to attend Toastmaster meetings. This organization helps members improve public speaking through the use of support groups. The discomfort will eventually fade away as you keep on practicing.
  2. Be chivalrous – An oldie but goodie, holding doors open for the ladies (including the car), offering your jacket when its cold, using “Ma’am/Sir”  when addressing people, using your manners, helping the elderly with groceries with a smile, etc. will take you far. Developing these skills now will make them into your natural actions later, and you will find yourself doing them naturally. There have been many times where the smallest act of kindness leads to conversation, (see item one) and new contacts or clients. The respect you give to others, no matter what the situation, is useful in diffusing tense situations and making a good impression to strangers.
  3. Interested in something? Learn more about it –A  Renaissance Man, or a Polymath, is an individual who possesses vast knowledge across many fields. Are you interested in playing the guitar? Learning about the history of the Roman Empire? Make pasta primavera from scratch? Do it: learning new skills or knowledge helps in conversation and your repository of various fields would make you a versatile man when coming across social situations. Meeting friends for dinner? Learn how to pair foods with wine or beer. Going to a wedding? Learn some waltz steps or some east coast swing.

Take some of these thoughts into consideration, and they will help build your personality and your professional appeal to those around you.

Good day.


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