My Election Prediction

Political predictions are difficult. Tomorrow, something could happen and everything could change. I have been predicting for a while that Barack Obama will win a second term. But, over the course of the Mitt Romney campaign, I’ve come to think just maybe he is our next president. I don’t say this because he is the best. I don’t say this because it really looks like he’ll win, though it’s not as if his chances are bad. But, it’s precisely because his chances DON’T look bad at this point that I make this prediction.

Think of everything so far that Romney’s disastrous campaign for the presidency has brought; for example, the gaffe-a-day oversees trip carefully constructed to make him look like he has foreign policy experience. All he ended up doing was offending people every place he went. How about more recently, with the 47% comment leaked to the press? Or the flip-flopping. Last week he changed his position on abortion in less than 24 hours. He refuses to show more than a year of his tax returns. He won’t share any details on most of his plans, but assures us they’ll work and the money adds up. He makes completely awkward and untrue statements, like the other night at the 2nd debate he said that when he was governor he commissioned a study to look for women to employ in his cabinet. He said he went to women’s groups, and asked them, and they came back with “whole binders full of women,” which sounds like something guys kept before the internet. Aside from sounding totally awkward, it was also total bunk. Because, it was the women’s groups that came to him with resumes of qualified applicants and said to him “Hey, why don’t you hire some women?”

So, with one of the worst campaigns for president, I submit to you that Mitt Romney is the presidential candidate equivalent of Max Biaystock in The Producers. I think, much like in The Producers, Romney is running the worst campaign he can possibly muster. If he isn’t doing it on purpose, I don’t see how he could do a worse job if he tried. And, much like in the Producers, his campaign will become a success. With all his flip flopping, it might seem impossible to imagine a Romney presidency, because how do we know what we’ll get? But, at his core, he is a Wall Street guy. He cares about business; that has been his legacy. So, I believe that’s whose interests he will care for. I think he will give big business policies which favor them, at the expense of every other American. Because, no matter how much money or favorable tax policies they get, “job creators” are not going to put that many more Americans to work. Companies will get fewer regulations, fewer taxes, and a lot more free reign. The richest of Americans will get even richer, the poor will get poorer, the middle class will continue to disappear, and student loans will go poof!!! BOOOOO! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


  1. I love the producer comment and you are probably right

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