The Final Debate: Showdown in Boca Raton!!!

What an amazing final debate. But, what’s with Romney agreeing with the president so much? Then Romney says, “I don’t want to repeat the policies of the last four years.” You mean the policies you were just writing a love song to not 10 minutes ago? I have political whiplash. I just don’t understand the political benefit to agreeing with the president’s policy so much. Did someone tell Mitt Romney that those policies are really popular? Because the way it came out gave the president the opportunity, which he took, to say, “I’m glad you like that, because it’s exactly what I did.” It didn’t look smart politically.

Usually, you want to draw a clear distinction between you and your opponent. With all of Romney’s shifts on positions, I wonder if he confuses himself sometimes. “Aw, shoot. I went over this in the limo. I’m speaking to a group of Latino women, so my policy on Afghanistan was for it.. no against it.. I’m perfectly in line with the president? That doesn’t seem right… I know I have a cheat-sheet around here somewhere.” I think that may have been what happened at the debate, and why he kept fiercely agreeing with the president. He was on his way over, realized he hadn’t studied at all for the final, and decided to cheat off the smart kid.

Before the first debate, we heard how Romney was preparing “zingers” for the event. Well, this time the president had some of his own. My favorite was when Romney talked about how we have less naval ships than we used to. And the president came back with “We also have less horses and bayonets than we used to.” That was a good comeback. That was funny, it was clever, and it made a great political point. It painted Romney as someone that is not up to date with today’s challenges. However, why oh why did the president have to go for the “The 80’s called, it wants its foreign policy back” line? Gag me with a spoon Mr. President, for sure. Why? No. I couldn’t believe he said that. It WAS really funny. But, for the wrong reason. I couldn’t stop laughing. Mostly, because a sitting president really just said that. But, it was much better than the first debate. And, I am really happy Obama was so assertive with Romney. I’m so sad it was the last debate, truly I am.


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