Flashback Movie Review: Memento


Memento, directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2000, takes an alternate perspective on storytelling with a non-linear approach. The movie leaves viewers in suspense until the very end, where they learn the truth behind the protagonist’s past. Watch this movie if you have enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind or Reservoir Dogs. This movie will find a place in your collection.

The storytelling style of the film uses two sequences: one, in color, is told backwards while a black and white sequence progresses forward. This is what separates the movie from traditional suspense thrillers and left me guessing until the end.


The main character, Leonard Shelby, portrayed by Guy Pierce, suffers from anterograde amnesia following an attack on he and his wife. His wife, portrayed by Jorja Fox, was killed by the incident and is pursuing one of the criminals. His condition hinders him from storing recent memories and relies on Polaroid photos and a series of tattoos to remind him of details of the killer: details such as the description, name, and license plate number were repeatedly referenced by Shelby throughout the film.

As the two stories are told, we see his back story and see the reasoning behind his intentions. His buddy, Teddy, accompanies him throughout his pursuit with a fair understanding of his mental capacity. Other characters encountered by Shelby use his disability at one point or another leading to a series of events involving murder, drugs and sex.

I don’t want to give too much away, so I recommend seeing this film. This has been a mainstay in my collection for a long time and made me a fan of Christopher Nolan’s films. Memento offers a full cinematic experience with a storyline of deceit and intrigue for viewers to keep guessing what is going on until the end.

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  1. Indeed, it’s a magnificent film.

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