49ers Mid-Season Report

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the NFL season? Its been a half-season of highs and some lows for the 49ers, but mainly high points. There was the shocking win at Lambeau Field against the Packers, the 42 point stomping of the Bills, and the 35 point win against the Jets. On the flip side, the two losses were disheartening. Nobody saw the loss to the Vikings coming, and the Giants ran over San Francisco literally (Ahmad Bradshaw ran for 116 yards). Fortunately, there are no more surprises left on the schedule, and it’s full of teams the 49ers should be able to handle.

11/4: Bye Week

11/11: Vs. St. Louis

This should be a game the 49ers can handle. The Rams started off hot, but has slowed down in October. The Rams don’t play well at Candlestick, so I don’t see any reason why the Niners can’t take care of business

11/19: Vs. Chicago (Monday Night Football)

This will be a tough game. Jay Cutler has hit his stride and the offensive line has decided to block for him just long enough to find Brandon Marshall often. Couple that with their punishing defense, and the 49ers have a problem on their hands. I think they’re up to the task, but it will be a tall order.

11/25: At New Orleans

Once upon a time, this was a marquee match up. That was until the Saints started out 2-5 and gave up 400 yards of offense in 4 straight games. ZzzZzzz

12/02: At St. Louis

Road divisional games are always tough. The Rams defense plays much better at home (see Rams-Cardinals Thursday Night Game). I still believe the 49ers will win this game, but the Rams aren’t going to lay down.

12/09: Vs. Miami

Ryan Tannehill is dreading this game. Aldon and Justin Smith are going to terrorize this poor rookie all day long. Reggie Bush should have a decent game, if the 49ers run defense continues to give up big plays.

12/16: At New England

This will be the hardest test for the 49ers this season, on the road in Tom Brady’s house in prime time. Their defense can’t stop a toilet, but I think Tom Brady is going to go at this 49ers secondary. I’m worried about this game to say the least.

12/23: At Seattle

I fully expect the 49ers to lose this game. They always have a hard time pulling games out in Seattle and they shouldn’t have won the game last year on Christmas Eve. Now I know football changes from year to year, but for some reason, the 49ers struggling up there never does.

12/30: Vs. Arizona

Arizona is not coming into Candlestick and beating this 49ers squad. They could barely manage three points Monday night. Their offense is severely challenged. No consistent quarterback play, no run game, and no receivers (save Larry Fitzgerald) equals no win on the road.

This team is sitting pretty right now at 6-2 and can possibly finish the season 12-4 or 11-5. All they have to do is win one game they’re not expected to, just like they did last year, and this team could find themselves with a bye and a home divisional round playoff game.


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