CM Punk: Best In The World DVD/Bluray Review


The documentary portion of the new CM Punk released by the WWE featured a history of CM Punks career, highlighting his journey through various indie organizations, Ring of Honor, Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWECW and then the WWE, ending with his victory against John Cena at Money In The Bank. The overall presentation is clean and polished, featuring interviews with Punk’s friends and colleagues.

The set also combines this packaged history with a “day of life of” portion intertwined. This segment showed CM Punk as he takes care of various responsibilities of being WWE champ. They showed off his home, signing appearances, tour bus, and lounging with wrestling pal Kofi Kingston.

Overall this is a pretty solid documentary. The story of CM Punks life and rise from Chicago straight edge punk to WWE champion is one of inspiration, perseverance and hard work. In the current climate of the WWE it is rare for people to rise to the top coming out of the Independent Circuit. Since the fall of WCW, ECW and wrestling territories, WWE wrestlers usually are produced at “farm” schools and utilize big men with focus usually in other fields. CM Punk however is a wrestler’s wrestler. His matches with Daniel Bryan, William Regal, and Y2J Chris Jericho show that he is a new breed of the old school. He is not a 6’7’’ brick house like the superstars of yesteryear. He shows that a regular looking dude, who loves wrestling and has a mind for the business, has every right to wear the gold.

Matches and Extras

First it should be noted I purchased the Blu-ray version. Ok. It is a shame they didn’t include any matches from the Indies or Ring of Honor. They did however include one OVW match so his pre-TV days weren’t completely ignored. Super disappointing because of the footage of ROH in the documentary part hinted there might have been a match or two. However it was not to be. Overall the match list is pretty solid. I would have liked to see a match with HHH, The Undertaker, and a match when he was masked. They skipped over a year in between his career and completely ignored his mask in the entire set. Additionally it would have been nice to have alternate commentary on a few of the matches. CM Punk has proved he can do good commentary and insight to the matches; it doesn’t make sense not to have it. Compounding the matter is his friendship with William Regal who is also an excellent commentator, recently being a voice of NXT.

Matches of Note: The Cm Punk  and Justin Credible match up is fun as it is Punk’s first outing on national television. The crowd was overwhelmingly behind Punk and saw a solid match. The No DQ bout for the IC Championship against William Regal is a great old school stiff match. William Regal is one of the most under-rated men in the business and this match with Punk really shows the best of both men. WWE Championship against John Cena is the reason this DVD package was made. This match, in Punk’s home town of Chicago, really benefited from the electric atmosphere. Many knock Cena’s ability, but with Punk, he put on a clinic.

In regards to the extras they are kind of fun and interesting, but CM Punk is such a promo driven guy, it would have been nice to have a selection of some of his greatest promos in full, for example when he was leading SES or the Nexus. It’s just such a pointless omission.

All Matches
Brent Albright vs. CM Punk
Ohio Valley Wrestling 1st March, 2006

CM Punk vs. Justin Credible
ECW 1st August, 2006

ECW Championship Match
CM Punk vs. John Morrison
ECW 4th September, 2007

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. CM Punk vs. MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy
WrestleMania XXIV 30th March, 2008

World Tag Team Championship Match
CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
RAW 27th October, 2008

No DQ Match for the Intercontinental Championship
CM Punk vs. William Regal
RAW 19th January, 2009

TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
SummerSlam 23rd August, 2009

Rey Mysterio Joins the SES vs. CM Punk’s Hair
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
Over the Limit 23rd May, 2010

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. CM Punk
Money in the Bank 17th July, 2011

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
WrestleMania XXVIII 1st April, 2012

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
Over the Limit 20th May, 2012


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