Random Childrens Story

Once upon a time in a big city there lived a curious girl named Katy. Katy liked to do things her way and she didn’t always think twice before doing them. One day Katy got picked up early from school by her mother.

“Hello sweetie. How was your day at school today?” “School went quite well today mommy.” “I have a surprise for you today hunny. We are not going straight home today, today we are going to stop at the Halloween book store.”

“Wow mommy I can’t wait! Do you think Ms. Mary’s kittens will be there?” “Well they should sweetie. Now stay close to me. The holidays tend to bring out all the strange people.”

Little did Katy know how much she should have listened to what her mother had told her. “Okay mommy I promise I won’t leave your side.”

While mom is out shopping for things for Halloween Katy goes and finds the kittens and begins playing with the kittens. The kittens wonder off and Katy follows them.

“Katy! Katy! Where are you?” Her mother said. As soon as Katy’s mom turned around Katy had disappeared and she was nowhere to be found.

“Here kitty, kitty, its ok I won’t hurt you.” Katy told the kittens. Little did anyone else know that Katy hadn’t totally disappeared-  she wondered off into the city streets after the kittens.

As soon as Katy had caught up with the kittens she was stopped by an old strange man. The man was standing on one wobbling leg . When he spoke only four teeth showed and they were yellow and thin, and long. His breath smelled like raw eggs and his appearance was very unpleasing to the eye. But Katy’s mom has taught her manners and how not to be rude to people.

“Hello little girl. What are you doing and where are you in such a hurry?” “I am getting the kitten’s sir.” “Where are your parents?” “Um, mommies in the store. Um she told me never to talk to strangers so I better be on my way before she finds out.”

“I think you ought to come with me.” Suddenly the man reaches out and tries to grab Katy. She screams and runs away with the kittens.

Katy begins to realize how much she misses her mother and how upset she will be that she wondered off so she begins to look for the shop her mom was in.

Meanwhile Katy’s mom is hysterically looking for her. Just as little Katy took a sit of rest with the kittens she was disturbed by a voice.

“Hey little girl. Whatcha doing? Why are you all alone out here on this busy street in this crowded cit with no parents?” Said a lady to Katy. The lady was young and friendly. She had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a smile that would awaken the delicates of flowers. She smelled like cotton candy and she told Katy she would help her.

“Oh, well then why don’t you just come inside with me and I will fix you some ice cream and cookies, and then we will go together to find your mom.” “Um well. . . .Ok.” “Oh no! Kitty’s come back!”

Suddenly the kittens jump out of Katy’s hands and runs away. As soon as Katy begins to run her mom sees her and calls her. “Katy! Katy! What are you doing?” “Mommy! I was playing with the kittens and then I lost you.” “Katy! I told you to never leave my side. You could have gotten hurt.”

“Mommy I ran into a strange man and he tried to snatch me.” “Oh my god! For now you are never to leave my side you hear.” “I am sorry mom this nice lady was going to help me find you but the then kittens ran away I am sorry mom.” “Its okay now all that matters now is that you are safe, and that I love you. But for now on you need to listen to me.

Katy never left her moms side again and they all lived happily ever after.


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