2 stories made out of simple words

Spandex, folder, expand, gutter, horns.

One day long ago there was a man jogging next to the gutter wearing spandex. He jogged next to me and said, “Hello, how are you doing?” I said, “Just fine.” It was kind of weird because I kept on bumping into the man throughout the day and each time I saw him I always heard horns and sirens in the background. From my walk into town I just saw this man jogging in purple spandex with horns and sirens going off all around him.

So when I finally got into town I went into my office and told my secretary what had been going on, and she told me to look in the weird people folder because that description sounded familiar. When I looked in the folder of weird people to look for, I saw the man. There was a big warning out saying the man in purple spandex with horns and sirens has a tendency to expand. I looked out again and soon enough, I saw the man expanding like a great big puff.

Tire, operation, dwarf, cut, shoe

Chris [dj] – A man we got a small problem.

Jamie [celebrity] – What do you mean we got a problem Chris?

Chris- The tire just blew out and we are going to have to cut the concert short.

Jamie- Cut the concert short? But what about the dwarf that comes on at the beginning of the

show? What are all my fans going to think? Damn! What happened to my other shoe?

Chris- I am going to have to call the operations people and let the know that we are

stranded out here and don’t have a spare tire to put on the car.

Jamie- Can you let them know that I lost my shoe? Can you tell the little green dwarf that

I am sorry and that I will hire him for the next concert?

Chris- I will let them know but in the mean time stay off the liquor and give a shout out

to all my peoples here on 123.4 kick ass.


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