Interview – Oderus Urungus from GWAR

Oderus Urungus is the leader of the intergalactic horror metal band GWAR. He is also responsible for the creation of mankind, billions of years old and a former contributor to the Fox News program Red Eye.

To those unfamiliar with Oderus and Gwar, Gwar is a satirical heavy metal band that dawn elaborate costumes for their even more elaborate live shows. Oderus, AKA Dave Brockie, is their lead vocalist and sole constant member.

On November 6th, I had the opportunity to chat with Brockie, in character as Oderus, before their Sacramento show at The Ace of Spades. We touch on who the band would like to “kill” on stage, the (then upcoming) election, their current tour. We discuss what it will take to defeat Gwar, the possibility of collaborating with Annie Lennox, and so much more insane stuff.

WARNING! Brockie does this interview in character as Oderus, so this is a much more vulgar interview that usual.
You have been warned.

Read and hear the full interview after the jump

Daniel Cordova – So, how’s this trek of the tour been?

Oderus Urungus – It’s been good! We’ve been leaving bloody ruined potholes everywhere we go. Turn out has been great. People are very supportive of Pustulus (Maximus – Lead Guitar). It certainly a great change from last year’s tour. Of course, there’s a lot of violent bullsh*t going on. We’re trying to play a nice show, and for some reason we’re constantly attacked on stage by a bevy of super-powered assh*les. We get through it, I don’t think any other performers have to deal with this kind of pressure. I mean, I see a lot of metal bands out there and they’re like, “Oh yeah Gwar…they got a great show…ugh!” I’d like to see them, I’d like to see the guys in Slayer play “Angel of Death,” with a f*cking 800 ton tyrannosaurus-rex trying to tear their ballsacks off. That would suck for them. I don’t think they’d be able to do it. But Gwar, mostly due to our armor we’re able to protect ourselves. And our might combat skills!

DC – Of Course.

OU – And the fact that we’re completely wasted. That helps.

DC – Yeah, I think the Slayer guys are a bit of p*ssies because they surround themselves with fire while they play. That’s what’s protecting them.

OU – Hahah, I don’t know if I’d ever call Slayer p*ssies. For a bunch of humans, they are pretty much my favorite band, but they wouldn’t be able to deal with a Sawborg Destructo. Tom Araya would like, “What the? Who the f*ck is this on my stage?” And they’d be like “RAHRRRR!” Then he would be chopped into two halves, and that would really suck. These super powered adversaries seem to want to get Gwar out of the way first, so Slayer doesn’t have to fight Sawborg Destructo. Not yet, anyway.

DC – Have you ever considered that the bands you’re are touring with are setting you up? You’d think that they would see all these people sneaking up on you.

OU – Yeah, but they pretty much get whipped out and killed themselves, and we then we have to re-zombify them every night and they just kind of get a little more listless as the tour goes on. They’re hanging in there pretty good, the Cancer Bats especially. I guess because they’re Candaian. They’re a hardier folk than Americans.

DC – I have noticed that in a lot of bands, certainly. What is the death toll up to after nearly 30 years ago when the band started and now?

OU – Oh I have no idea. You see, because in outer space, especially on Scumdogs, we have outlawed math, because math…is dumb. It’s pretty much and incalculable, inconceivable.  A lot, I would say. Many. Also, would be a descriptive word I would use. Tons! Many hundreds of millions of tons. Yes? But the fact that we use only the old weapons, you know? Broadswords, being devoured by pigs, the boiling, burning red hot iron shoved up ass kind of way in killing people. It takes a little longer. A little more appreciation. A little more…pain! We don’t want to use nuclear weapons.

DC – That’s cheating!

OU – That’s no way to wage a war, but at the same time, who wouldn’t mind a few humors throwing them around at each other. That might be kind of fun to watch. A nice fireworks display.

DC – On this tour, when you guys come off tour, you going to work on a new batch of songs for an album? A possible studio recording a Kansas cover?

OU – Oh, F*Ck! We’ll never record- F*CK THAT! Worst idea ever, I was against it from the beginning, and and then, f*cking amazingly enough, ended up winning that f*cking stupid poll for The Onion. The only reason we played that song was because there was 30 songs in a row, and bands would come in there and do their versions of various songs, and we were the 30th band. There was only one song left, “Carry On My Wayward Son,” and so Gwar had to play that one. Not like we had the choice! But, we did an amazing job ANYWAY!

DC – Agreed…

OU – And who knows, we may even whip in out in the encore tonight.

DC – That’d be fancy, that’d be nice. This one’s kind of a personal one because I’m a big Devin Townsend fan, and you’re, you personally, are feature on one of my favorite songs of all time. My show is actually named after it, “Far Beyond Metal.” I’m curious as to how you got in contact with Devin Townsend for Beyond Hell (Gwar’s 2006 album) and “Deconstruction” (The title track of Devin Townsend’s 2011 album).

OU – Devin was a great Gwar fan from a very early age. He told me he used to carve the word “GWAR” into his desk through many years of school with his compass. He was obsessed with Gwar as a child. We got to know him through Strapping Young Lad (when they) played with Gwar on the Sounds of the Underground tour. Devin and I would often sit around and talk about stuff. Yeah, doing the Gwar album was like a dream come true for him, Gwar’s always been one of his favorite bands. And we love Strapping, and I had no idea just how really – Then people starting telling me all the other things about Devin that I didn’t really know. Just about how incredibly amazing he really is… for a human! Anyway, so we decided to do a record together, that was Beyond Hell. He did such an amazing job that we decided to spare his life and he lives on much for the betterment of the human race.

DC – As a fan I thank you. I have a feeling that you had a hand in his continuing existence.

OU – He could have gone down pretty hard, but he just fit right in with Gwar, and he must have known his life was on the line because I’ve never seen a producer spend so much time in the studio. We’d work all f*cking day, then we go back to his house, then he’d just keep working on in the studio, in the studio in his basement of his house. Then he’d be up f*cking first thing in the morning in the same f*cking clothes he was wearing yesterday and be like, “Man, I didn’t sleep at all. Come on, let’s go!” He’s absolutely insane and I love that maniac.

DC – What was your first band called and what did it sound like?

OU – Oh, my first band was Gwar. I’ve never been in any other bands than Gwar. I mean, I was in the third shock army of the Master Scumdog Stormtroopers, I guess it was kind of a band in that we were bound together, or bound to get into trouble. A band of brothers if you will, we marry few. We were an elite war unit, but we still had a band, we had a marching band that we would play, you know? That’s of tubas and weird, like, space horns and stuff like that. We didn’t really get into heavy metal until we came to earth though.

DC – Have you ever thought about collaborating with Annie Lennox following your loss at the Grammies to her in ’93.

OU – No, that’s a sore spot.

DC – Sorry.

OU – I’ve been instructed not to kill you, so I’ll let that one slide. Yeah, we haven’t heard much of Annie since she won that Grammy. She’s hiding from Gwar undoubtedly, just as Salman Rushdie is hiding from half the Muslim world, or at least the extremist fringe elements. So, collaborate? No. Rip her head off and f*ck the bloody hole? Yes.

DC – Who has Gwar yet to kill on stage that is on a list of yours?

OU – Ooooh, um… Mother Theresa, the Dahli Llama, another good one. Mother Theresa’s dead already though.

DC – There’s always zombification.

OU – Yeah, we could bring her back from the dead just to kill her again. Yes, we’ll do that. We do that with Jesus all the time. Pretty much everybody that we haven’t killed, except for the ones that we have is going to get up there sooner or later. A lot of these stars are very hard to track down. People like Justin Beiber and that really annoying chick that sings that song, “You’ve got my number, so call me maybe.” That girl!

DC – I knew that’s who you were going to say!

OU – Oh my god, it’s horrible. They can’t die fast enough for us. But you know, the old ways are the ways that we employ unfortunately makes us a little bit slow.

DC – The first steps to take towards them, Canada. They’re both Canadian.

OU – Ooh ok!

DC – That narrows down most the earth for you.

OU – Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s only a trackless wasteland of thousands of miles, but I’m sure I can find those little bastards up there somewhere.

DC – What is your work out regiment to keep those mighty abs of yours?

OU – Oh, I’m in the gym constantly. Crunches, ab machines, ab masters. That, and I paint them on! Oderus 30 second six-pack abs. Yes, you basically just paint them on your body.

DC – Our conversations is happening on The United States’ Election Day.

OU – Oh my god! People still actually think that does anything?!?

DC – Have you had any contact with Greg Gutfield (host of the Fox News program Red Eye) regarding coming on to talk about –

OU – No. They pretty much stepped away from Gwar. Red Eye has moved on without Oderus, though they still do show me occasionally on repeat episodes.

DC – Did you vote in our Earth, United States elections?

OU – Yes, I’ll be voting tonight. I’m going to vote for BOTH people, and I’m going to vote both times, once with my long sword and once with my broadsword. And they can, kind of, just bleed it out amongst each other.

DC – What do you predict for the fallout after this election, though it be meaningless?

OU – I have a f*cking horrible feeling that Mitt Romney’s going to win. It’s really – blah! I don’t know really why I care that much but, I don’t know, because I f*cked the apes and created the human race. I do have some crude kind of sympathy, not empathy. I feel your suffering, and I think it will be great suffering, and it will make me laugh. Maybe I will like Mitt Romney. He pretty much seems like a heartless f*cker. Just that he’s white, I just hate white people.

DC – White people are the worst.

OU – They are the worst! They’re always victimizing the other races. I think if he gets in there that there’s a good chance that it’s going to continue happening. Where as with Obama, he’s a politician, and it’s true, all politicians are scum, but at least he’s halfway intelligent. I don’t think four years is long enough to fix the country’s problems left after George Bush was killed by Gwar for the last time. Hopefully, Obama will get his chance, if not you’re in for some more misery, especially if you’re not white.

DC – When you go from town to town with your killing spees, do you still get complains from the venues? Or does anyone kind of know, what to get in a Gwar show?

OU – Oh, no. They beg us! BEG US! To come back. Actually, we haven’t been in Sacramento for many years. Glad to be here tonight! But, it’s true you think there’d be blood everywhere, but actually the crowd manages to suck most of it up and we pretty much lick and lap up the rest ourselves. You should see us! We’re like a bunch of cats out there after the show. Just cats with milk! Just licking everything!

DC – It’s actually admirable that a band of your caliber is willing to clean up after your own shows.

OU – Well yeah, that’s how we get our daily trade, basically. You know, sucking the blood from the ruined corpses that infest the shattered dance floor after the gigs over. The heavy metal music’s just a ruse to just lure people in there. By the time they realize that the whole thing has been a lie, they’ve got an ax through their head and my penis is deeply embedded in their girlfriend’s… I was gonna say vagina, but chances are, it would be another part of her. I’m kind of more the drill your own hole school of sex. There’s not a human vagina built that can house the cuttlefish.

DC – This actually leads me to a question from a listener of mine who is unfamiliar with your great abilities to reproduce. Do you, in fact –

OU – I’ve heard of these people yes.

DC – Do you, in fact, reproduce?

OU – Well, as I mentioned, I did create the human race. Yes, I’ve got bastard f*cked up children all over the world, I’m sure. They usually look retarded. They’re mutants to be sure. When I f*cked apes, I created humans, but when I blow sperm on humans basically you get pregnant wherever the sperm hits you, whether you’re a man or a woman. So basically, you’ll get like a birth sack growing out of your eye. Then it’s a horrible snake like creature with the head of a dog busts out of it and runs off down the street breathing flame. So that’s kind of my kids.

DC – I’ve always wanted to be a mother, so I think I’m going to be close up tonight.

OU – Well definitely then, you’ll have birth sacks by dawn. You’ll probably be sprouting.

DC – Oh fantastic, I just painted the room.

OU – Oh great! And you will continue to with the filthy bile that your new children will vomit all over the place.

DC – Where you’re from, are there other sexy creatures, like yourself?

OU – Well, none as sexy as me. I mean, my abs are just so ripped. that comes from hours of spending in the gym, of course. Sex is frowned on Scumdog, only rape is encouraged and everyone knows that rape is not sex…or love…or something. They just want us to fight basically. It’s not until we get off the planet and start sacking other worlds that we start to get exposed to other women, and by this time we’ve been buggering each other so much, it scarcely matters anymore.

DC – I swear I’m not a spy with this question, but what can defeat Gwar?

OU – I’m very ticklish. People don’t understand that. I can take swords to the head, have my c*ck ripped off, Sawborg Destructo could saw by brain out, but if you’ve got a long goose feather, I’m helpless. A Feather duster is like a nuclear bomb to me!



Gwar can be seen right now alongside DevilDriver, The Cancer Bats, and Legacy of Disorder on the Fate or Chaos tour through December 21. Also, their latest album, Bloody Pit of Horror, is in stores now via Metal Blade Records.

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Tune in to Far Beyond Metal every Tuesday from 3-5 PM PST on

PS – If you read the interview instead of listening to it, I would suggest hearing Dave say all this stuff. His delivery sold many of Oderus’s insane claims and ideas. Also, there’s a short portion at the very beginning where I talk with Dave being Dave.



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