Twitter’s reaction to Alabama’s loss to Texas A&M

Certain games seem to gain a Twitter-wide audience.  I follow around 900 people, and it seems that 95 percent of my timeline will tweet about the same game when there’s a big game on a national station.  A prime example was Saturday’s SEC showdown between #1 Alabama and #15 Texas A&M.

College football fans and sports fans everywhere tuned in to that match-up as soon as it became apparent the Aggies had “upset” on the mind.  The game took over my timeline, not that I’m complaining, with a shade under one minute to go in the first quarter when Christine Michael punched it in from a yard out to give the Aggies a 20-0 advantage over Nick Saban’s top ranked Tide.

The game stayed on my timeline throughout the afternoon and into the early evening.

Malcolme Kennedy hauled in a 24 yard touchdown from Johnny Manziel with 8:07 to play in the game to give the Aggies a 29-17 lead.  This prompted Twitter to begin trolling Alabama.  People poked fun at Saban, Quarterback AJ McCarron, and even Steve Spurrier for saying this Alabama team, that looked so pathetic against Texas A&M, could beat an NFL team.

All of the joking halted after  just a couple of minutes when  McCarron threw a 54 yard strike to Amari Cooper for a touchdown to pull the Crimson Tide within 5, 29-24.

Twitter fell silent.  The trolling stopped, and everyone began to realize that Alabama just might be so dominant that they could dig their way out of any hole.  Then, to make matters worse, Texas A&M went 3-and-out on the ensuing drive, giving the ball back to the Tide with 4:27 to play.

Then McCarron struck again.  Another 54 yard bomb, this one to Kenny Bell, put the Tide on the Aggies’ 6-yard-line.  All the smack talk about Alabama from earlier on in the game was going to backfire on Twitter.  The Tide were supposed to be done.  The top ranked team in the BCS was going to fall, and fans were excited to see it.  And just like that, it was all crashing down.

However, the Tide weren’t done trying to blow it yet, as McCarron, on 4th and goal from Texas A&M’s 2, was intercepted by Deshazor Everett.

It’s over. It has to be over.  There’s no better way for a #1 team to lose a game than an interception on 4th down inside the opposing team’s 5-yard-line, right?  Wrong.

Twitter still waited on pins and needles as Texas A&M tried to waste the final 1:36 of the game.  In search of one first down, the Aggies got it to 3rd and 2, before Tailback Ben Malena was stuffed for a gain of 1 to bring up 4th and a yard to go.

Alabama was going to get the ball back.  The Crimson Tide just would not die. Twitter was all but silent and in utter disbelief that Alabama was going to have another shot to pull this game out.

It turns out the Football Gods have a sense of humor, because what happened next was nothing short of hilariously miraculous. In an attempt to get in quick and block the punt, Alabama did the unthinkable. THEY JUMPED OFFSIDE.  THEY. JUMPED. OFF. SIDE.  Nick Saban’s practically NFL team committed one of the failiest fails of all-time.  The 5 yard penalty gave the Aggies the yardage they needed to gain a first down, effectively ending the game.

The following is, in order and unabridged, my Twitter timeline letting their relief out as all prior Alabama slander was once again valid.  These clips came just seconds after Alabama’s fatal miscue.

Texas A&M took one kneel down to finish off the upset and unseat the nation’s top team.  Football aside, this is an excellent example of why Twitter is awesome.  You can watch the game and get reactions from hundreds of people in just seconds.  We all deal with all the crap on Twitter for times like this.  Times when we are able to share a laugh with everyone as Nick Saban and Alabama topple off of their pedestal on their own, premature accord.


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