Idiotic Tattoos

When people get tattoos it is to place art on someone’s body, to commemorate some event, or even for love of a sports team. But for every great tattoo there are some idiotic decisions, made most notably by celebrities. I am all for people getting whatever want but you have to wonder what were you thinking? And the most recent headscratchers come from-Atlanta based rappers. Gucci Mane and Lil’ Scrappy have entered the realm of weird placement and strange ideas. Even Chris Brown’s latest neck work belongs with these two, however Brown’s tattoo is not as crazy. Gucci Mane got an Ice Cream cone, with lightning bolts, and the word BRR on his cheek. Yes I know what your thinking, and no he did not lose a bet and I did not make this up.

This is a complete “what in the world was he thinking?” tattoo. I love ice cream as much as the next person but come on man! Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is at least a cool design, this is just bazaar. But I think Lil Scrappy might have taken the cake with his latest work of art. This is slightly disturbing but I think hilariously dumb. Yes that’s a legit phrase. Here is Lil Scrappy’s patriotic salute to President Barack Obama:

Yes that is a semi-realistic tattoo of the President. I applaud Scrappy for showing some American Pride, however I find myself saying, “REALLY?… REALLY?” Just buy a shirt or a sticker, but a tattoo? I don’t know what’s more disturbing- Scrappy getting the President’s face tatted on him, or the placement of it. Either way he is up for Knucklehead of the Year, this along with his starring role on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” he is making a strong case. A small piece of advice for other rappers: make sure you have a neutral person go with you before you get a tattoo started to let you know if this is stupid or cool. Save some time, money, and not have people question what is going on in your head.  Just think about it before you do it fellas.

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