Movember: No Shave November Should Be For All of the Months

As KSSU’s Beard Aficionado, I fully support the Movember cause. What is Movember, you ask? How much is rent under that rock you live under, I ask. Just kidding. Movember is an amazing time of year when men forgo shaving their faces to promote awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers. Some women hate this time of month because they have an inexplicable aversion to sexiness, but I love Movember and all it’s mustache-y glory, and I also love that a charity for for cancer awareness came up with the idea. I argue more men, though, should forgo shaving for the entire year, and not just November.

Now, I realize not every guy can grow a good mustache or beard. In fact, a lot of men try and just can’t do it. Case in point:

In this case, Beth is wrong.

But if a guy can grow a good one, he should! Especially for great cause like prostate cancer awareness. Here are some examples of excellent, magnificent beards and mustaches:

Giant’s pitcher Brian Wilson can pitch into my glove anytime as long as he’s got that beard.

Common sports a very nice beard, indeed.

Zac Brown’s beard frames his babyface perfectly.

Nick Offerman’s mustache is legendary.

Freddy Mercury’s mustache is a perfect example of a great ‘stache.

Beards and mustaches can make a man look distinguished and sexy. A nice, full beard is rare, and if a man can grow one, why save it just for Movember? Promoting cancer awareness can also turn into a year-round event! A win-win for everyone!

If you also like facial hair, check out my other posts Beard and Mustaches That Rock and Magnificent Mustaches and Bountiful Beards: Nor Cal Beard and Mustache Competition 2012.

I’m sorry, I just can’t stop staring…

Kally is a DJ for KSSU, Sacramento State’s college radio station, streaming live at Wednesdays at 8 am!   



  1. moustacheandbeardsocialclub says:

    Second Annual Northern California Beard And Moustache Competition

    Contact: Ryan Scalise President of The Moustache And Beard Social Club
    Phone: (916) 521-2244
    Competitive Bearding Returns To Folsom California

    Event Date: Saturday April 6th
    Event Time: 5pm-9pm with live music from 9:30pm-1:00am
    Cost: $20 to compete, $10 to watch (must be 21 or older to attend)
    Location: Powerhouse Pub 614 Sutter St, Folsom, CA 95630
    Registration and category info:
    Facial hair of all shapes, sizes, and styles will be on display for a chance at becoming a Champion. Competitors from all over the United States will come together in Historic Old Folsom along with a crowd that brings the noise and excitement of a rock show.
    Last year’s Competition had 80 Competitors and almost 400 spectators! This year’s Competition will sell out so make sure you are a part of something awesome!
    This highly entertaining event will have 13 categories listed below along with live music featuring the Cash Prophets and The Infamous Swanks and a raffle with proceeds going to the Folsom Zoo.

    Moustache Natural
    Moustache Styled
    Partial Beard
    Business Beard
    Full Beard with styled Moustache
    Full Beard under one foot natural
    Full Beard over one foot natural
    Whiskerina (ladies fake beard and moustache category)


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