San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Carousel

sf 49ers

I’m so conflicted between these two quarterbacks. On one hand you have Alex Smith. He’s been the guy in SF for the last 8 seasons. He led us to within one game of the Super Bowl last season. He’s playing the best football of his career, which is surprising being that everyone thought he hit his ceiling last season. He’s progressing as a quarterback and he’s leading this team to victories.

And then you have Colin Kaepernick.

He’s electrifying. He can extend the play with his feet. He makes better decisions. Not to say Alex makes bad ones, it’s just CK7 makes better ones. He’s got a Brett Favre-like arm, and he oozes with confidence. What’s not to like?

Perhaps the way Harbaugh is handling the situation.

Alex didn’t do anything to lose his job. As a matter of fact, going into that Rams game three weeks ago, he was on fire. He had connected on 25 of 27 passes, thrown for 4 touchdowns, and no interceptions. That doesn’t look like the kind of quarterback that gets benched to me. Something tells me Harbaugh has been looking for an excuse to roll with CK7 all along, and that concussion was his out. It’s obvious the head coach doesn’t have any faith in Alex, and it’s unlikely that he ever did. After all Smith did for him and the franchise in 2011, they still went out and tried to get Peyton Manning. Now don’t get me wrong, if I was in the 49ers front office, I’d go after Peyton Manning too. Have you seen the season he’s having right now? Sorry Alex, its nothing personal. But you’re used to taking low blows by now, right?

Anywho, I think they were ready to “let it roll” with a different quarterback this whole time. I feel bad for Alex, man. He’s really had a career resurgence as of late and this couldn’t be a worse time for him to lose his spot. I remember I went to the last game of the 2010 season against the Cardinals, and I kept saying to myself and my girlfriend (I still love you for that present by the way), “This dude is playing the best game of his life!” It was the perfect Christmas present. I witnessed Alex Smith turn the corner in person. Now we didn’t know it was going to end up like this at the time, but boy, he’s really made some serious strides in the last two calendar years.

I’m tired of people making the comparisons between this situation and the Drew Bledsoe-Tom Brady controversy in 2001. Neither one of the quarterbacks on the 49ers roster can be compared to the guys they’re being compared to. Alex isn’t on the same level Drew Bledsoe is, and Colin Kaepernick will NEVER be on Tom Brady’s level. I don’t give a damn how good the kid is now, it’s a slap in the face to even compare these two scenarios. Drew Bledsoe HAD A SHEARED BLOOD VESSEL IN HIS CHEST. There was no way he was coming back to play anytime soon. Tom Brady had no choice but to be thrown into superstardom. Alex Smith on the other hand, suffered a concussion. Now those things are serious and I’m in no way, shape or form downplaying concussions in the NFL. Ask any 49er fan about Aneas Williams in 1999 and you’ll get my point. But he was cleared to play after a week. Why didn’t he get his starting job back?

Because Harbaugh didn’t want him.

That’s the harsh reality of the NFL. It’s a business, and the coaching staff is going to go with whoever they feel has the best chance to lead this team deep in the post season.

Even if it is an unproven second-year quarterback.

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