Album Review: 2 Chainz “Based on a T.R.U. Story”

2 chainz


I had high expectations for this album, being that 2 Chainz has had a solid year in hip-hop. He’s been featured on tracks from Rick Ross to Future, to Lil Wayne, and even Kanye West. 2012 has absolutely been the year of 2 Chainz.

Too bad that didn’t do anything for the quality of his album.

Don’t get me wrong; there was plenty of high moments throughout the CD. For starters, this is one of the best produced albums this year, and when you see who he recruited for this project, it’s not a surprise. A who’s who of hip hop producers make appearances on this album from Bangladesh (Dope Peddler), to Noah “40” Shebib (No Lie), to Drumma Boy (Money Machine). Even The Dream makes an appearance on the song “Extremely Blessed,” which is one of the high points of the album (production-wise, anyway). It’s arranged well and I can pop it in the CD player and ride around with the windows down all day. The driving bass in the majority of the songs really give the CD power and it takes you back to the roots of Southern Hip-Hop, but with a modern 2012 twist.

It’s just a shame that these beats have to go to waste on his lyrical talent (or lack thereof). I’m sorry, but I don’t think ANYBODY is buying a 2 Chainz album for his lyrical content. It’s absolutely God-awful. And what’s worse is he seems to bring down superior artists when they appear on his tracks. Nicki Minaj made an appearance on “I Luv Dem Strippers,” and I was completely shocked at the basic level of her rhymes. It reminded me of the Pittsburg Steelers playing down to the Oakland Raiders. She, like many other rappers, adopted his flow on the track and it completely backfired. Couple that with a lazy verse, and you have a disaster on your hands. For example:

“2 Chainz, you fucking crazy, motherfuckers know I’m fucking crazy
Fuck wrong with these bitches lately?
Bitches better get on they knees and praise me
Bitch, I rep that rich gang. Where’s Stunna? Where’s Wayne?
That’s red on my wristband, SB, Mack Maine
Tell Tyga, lookin’ for this bitch called Blac Chyna
Take a nigga bitch in a hot flash, menopause hot flash
Yes that’s why I’m crowned queen, and I ain’t lookin’ for the prom king
These hoes’ careers ain’t promising, killing these bitches – crime scene
Oh, that’s how a bitch do it
Fifty black trucks gone follow when I pull up
This shit hit you in the chin like a pull up
My door so cocky, my door so stuck up
Oh, hop up out the space car
Bitches stay pressed, I call them a space bar
Man I wish a bitch would, hundred-thousand dollar engine,
I wish a bitch could.”

What in the hell was that? I mean it is a FAR cry from the Nicki Minaj we came to know and love on the “Monster” track from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Nicki, you let me down -_-

Bottom line, don’t buy this album if you’re looking for a complete artist. 2 Chainz seems to have found the formula for success in the rap industry: Catchy hook, entertaining style, entertaining content, amazing beats.

Tracks to check out: “Dope Peddler”, “I’m Different”, “I Luv Dem Strippers”, “Extremely Blessed”, and  “Crack.”


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