Class over Swag

We are adults, right? Most of us are. Today’s society has been encapsulated in the term, which is known as “swag”. Looking up the definition, I found via this definition: swag – a suspended wreath, garland, drapery, or the like, fastened up at or near each end and hanging down in the middle; festoon.

Still confused, I dig deeper and find the root word, “swagger” taken from a Scottish slang term then integrated into US culture, meaning someone who carries themselves with confidence and high regard. The word has now been used to determine styles of clothing. The clothing of these types consists of t-shirts and skinny jeans coupled with high-top Nike basketball shoes and New Era baseball caps. These styles have become commonplace with college students and such.

Looking on the other side of the spectrum, is class: finely dressed with khakis or slacks with a button-up day shirt and brown wingtips all properly fitting. The way one can be perceived by others as being snobby or uptight while others see a professional or gentleman can be influenced by the clothes they where.

This is my preference with the styles mentioned: classy has clearly been the route for me. I started wearing clothing absent of bright colors and bold typeface and went the route of a young professional. I bought khakis, button-ups and brown casual shoes and started wearing them on a regular basis. Others saw me and started treating me differently: older men and women looked at me with a sense of respect and would want to strike up conversation with me while waiting for coffee or for a table at a restaurant.

How one dresses garners how others perceive you is what I have been taught and have been practicing for a while. For males, the concept of being a well dressed man constitutes a mannerism for gentlemen: when one is dressed up, they have a tendency to carry themselves with a professional manner and present themselves to others with dignity. When others around you see how professionally dressed you are, it can be passed on from one person to another.

My opinion, be yourself, but when you dress professionally you earn yourself respect of others and maybe an opportunity or two. For more advice on male fashion, check

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