Aerrow Shapiro’s Best of 2012 – Part 2 – Top 5 Albums of 2012

Show:    Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power (Tuesdays @ 5 PM PT)
Twitter:    @hourofpowerkssu

Previously on my 2012 retrospective, I wrote about my Top 10 Songs of 2012.  In this article, I am rounding off this alt/indie retrospective of the year with my Top 5 Albums of 2012.  The reason why, is that I don’t have the time to focus on every album released this past year, which could arguably be a very tedious task.  As a result, to cut out some work for me, I decided to go with 5 rather than 10.  So without further ado, here’s the list.

The 2nd Law (Deluxe Version)#5 – The 2nd Law by Muse
With tinges of electronic elements being laced into their signature rock sound, Muse experiments with their music while maintaining their edge, making this album an enjoyable listening experience.
Notable Singles: “Survival”, “Madness”, “Follow Me”


#4 – Living Things by Linkin Park
For their most recent effort, Linkin Park keeps their sound dark and edgy with the use of synth-driven rock, possibly reminiscent of their 2003 album Meteora.
Notable Singles: “Burn It Down”, “Lost In the Echo”, “Powerless”, “Castle of Glass”

Handwritten (Deluxe Edition)

#3 – Handwritten by The Gaslight Anthem
Since signing to Mercury Records, The Gaslight Anthem shows signs of maturity in their music with their latest effort showcasing their signature heartland punk sound.
Notable Single: “’45’”


#2 – Four by Bloc Party
Returning to their post-punk sound, Bloc Party comes back from their hiatus with a harder edge, owing to grunge-like distorted guitars in some of their tracks.
Notable Singles: “Octopus”, “Kettling”


#1 – Blunderbuss by Jack White
With the release of his solo album, Jack White proves to everyone that there is life after the break-up of his previous band The White Stripes, with many of the album’s songs owing to blues and rock.
Notable Singles: “Love Interruption”, “Sixteen Saltines”, “Freedom at 21”, “I’m Shakin’”

So there you have it, my Top 5 Albums of 2012.  I know some people might disagree with me, but that’s my opinion.  I’m pretty sure everyone has different tastes in music.  Feel free to respond with the comments on this blog entry.

Aerrow Shapiro is a DJ who hosts a weekly hour-long alt/indie show called Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power, which (as of the date of publication) currently airs every Tuesday at 5 PM PT on  For more information you can check out the show on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@hourofpowerkssu).


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