Rage Against the Machine: XX Box Set

Hard to believe its been twenty years since the now world famous hard rocking Rage Against the Machine formed. Yes, the Southern Cali group formed in 1991 and have been raging against the machine ever since. Band members Tim Commerford, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello and Brad Wilk have rocking crowds, dropping knowledge and oh yes making ass kicking music since the early 90s. Last week for those Rage fans who didn’t know or maybe forgot, Legendary Records released the XX: the box set of the bands first landmark album.


This box set is not merely a remastered edition of the original or an album with one new additional track. The box set is truly a revelation for music fans everywhere.  The reissued set includes written notes from hip-hop legend Chuck D. Chuck D. was the lead MC for one of hip-hop’s most controversial and popular groups, Public Enemy. Chuck’s contribution should be no surprise seeing that he was a large part of combining elements of rock with hip-hop. The styles of Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy are not similar, but they do have a similar viewpoint. You can’t trust it (it being the government) and to know your enemy (yes the 1st was a P.E. song, the 2nd is R.A.M.). In edition to the Chuck portion, the box set includes 2 CDs, 2 DVDs, a vinyl LP, a double sided poster and the original LP. Unfortunately there are no bonus tracks in the set. You can get bonus tracks on the remastered CD sold separately,  or you can purchase the double CD set with bonus DVD.

Either set or CD option is a great Christmas present for any fan of the group. Or, better yet, any friend whose musical tastes you question, buy this and play it to them. Trust me you will be giving the great present that way. The anniversary spectacular was released November 27 2012 and it is a must have! Do yourself and your friends a favor BUY IT NOW. You’ll thank me later.

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DJ Tre out


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