Lincoln, this time IT’S REAL!

Thankfully the bio pic Lincoln is now in theaters. Not to be confused with the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter film, this one depicts the other side of the Lincoln, his real presidential side. Steven Spielberg directs this epic motion picture that brought Daniel Day-Lewis out of where ever he disappears, for what seems like 10 years, in between films. Day-Lewis stars in the film as the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. The film shows the president struggle with decisions that shape the nation he hopes to preserve for the future. Sally Field offers a solid performance in portraying the former 1st lady Mary Todd Lincoln.  Tommy Lee Jones plays the role of Thaddeus Stevens. Joseph-Gordon-Levitt, who is quickly becoming a rising star on the big screen, plays the part of Robert Lincoln. Bruce McGill and Jackie Earle Haley round out the cast in the major roles.

This film is exactly what you would expect from a team like Spielberg and Day-Lewis. It’s a long movie, over two hours, but it is a riveting 2 hours of your life you will actually enjoy spending watching this film. Lincoln struggles with wanting to emancipate the slaves of the country and making an attempt pull a country together. The movie centers around the struggle and after-affect of the 13th amendment in the country. While the movie is focused on one component of Lincoln’s presidency, is the crux of what Lincoln was made out to be in the history books: a man of principle and who lived by a moral set of values, not the vampire slayer who is a cross between Batman and Van Helsing. Interesting side note: Liam Neeson was slated to originally play Lincoln, but when filming time came around Neeson felt he was to old to play the part of the president.

If you’ve read a history book then you know how this story ends, but  with this cast and director involved in the film,  that alone makes it worth seeing. Not to mention the fact that I am going back to theaters to see it again. This is worth seeing twice. Watch it and love it. It’s history and a great movie, what else could you want?


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