Song Review – Living With Giants “The Moment We Escaped”

I’m not going to lie. This radio gig certainly has it’s perks. I land interviews with my heroes, I get on the guest list for shows, and I occasionally get some swag.  Recently a band I adore, Living With Giants, contacted me to check out an upcoming song of theirs and write about it. Not only is this a new perk, this is an honor.


It has been a long while since I have heart new recorded material from the band and I was very exited when the band asked for my thoughts on the demo version of the upcoming single.

The full review and a sample of the track after the jump…

First, a brief introduction to those who are unfamiliar with the band. Living With Giants are a three piece instrumental ambient post-rock band from Woodland, California. The band consists of Carver Simmons on drums and the guitar duo of Ryan Mannie and Will Devine. The band creates lenghy, but not annoyingly long, guitar driven stories of sound.


The new track, “The Moment We Escaped” takes no time to get me hooked. A single guitar greets you before the rest of the song begins to swell. Just as my mind is relaxed and lost in the atmosphere of the song, there is a crash of sound that over takes the peace I found. However, this is a welcomed disruption, as this powerful section is the perfect counterpart to the beautiful introduction. A second extended calm section serves as a moment to clear my mind before the final epic heavy section takes us to the song’s conclusion.

Like all instrumental music, I find myself creating a story or at least a general story arch for the song. To me, this one is a song of self-reflection. I envision someone who is not in the best emotional place fixating on something negative that has come up in their life. This fixation slowly evolves into a moment of inner chaos. Once they calm down there is the aforementioned moment of clarity and eventually triumph as this character I created moves on. It feels like a very positive song.

With no disrespect to the band’s previous materiel,  this might be the best song they’ve done.

I am very much looking forward to the final version of this song, and hopefully being crushed by it at a show of theirs in the near future.

Below you can hear a short clip of the demo version of “The Moment We Escaped.”

“The Moment We Escaped” will be released on the Living With Giants Bandcamp page on January 22 via We Don’t Sleep Records.

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Also, This is actually not the first time that I have discussed this band on here. I reviewed (or rather gushed about) their full-length album in the early stages of the KSSU News Blog.

_Daniel Cordova
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